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Sure you can. It would be hard to prove if you gave him actual cash, but if you wrote him a check you would just need to get a copy of it from your bank. Then you would have to contact the court house in the county and ask about filing a small claims case. Depending on the amount that you loaned him it may or may not be worth it. I did the same thing too an exgirlfriend of mine for 500 so it was worth it too me. Good luck.

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Q: Can you sue your boyfriend for loaned money?
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Can you sue for money you loaned another person?


How do you get a judgment against someone you loaned money to?

You need to sue them in court and win.

How can you sue someone you loan money to?

You can sue anyone. What you need to win the lawsuit though is evidence. You have to prove to the court that the other person you loaned money to did not pay it back and you also have proof that they agreed to pay it back.

If money was loaned in Michigan and the person lives in Ohio where do you sue?

In most instances the creditor/lender must sue the borrower/debtor in the state court in the county in which the borrower resides.

Can you sue your ex boyfriend for for giving money?

it matters on what type of situation

Can you sue someone you were in a relationship with for money you loaned to them?

Yes. Whether the plaintiff will prevail depends upon the existing circumstances of the relationship when the loan took place.

Can a boyfriend sue a girlfriend for money when they lived together he did repairs around her house?


Can you make your boyfriend repay you for money he borrowed from you to pay his ex girlfriend child support?

If you can prove you loaned to him you can take him to a small claims court.

What is another name for borrowed money?

loaned money

Why was money loaned to Europe after World War 2?

The money was loaned to Europe so the countries could be rebuilt and to stabilize their economy

How you can sell mortgages?

You cannot sell mortgages. Mortgages are owned by the bank that loaned the money.You cannot sell mortgages. Mortgages are owned by the bank that loaned the money.You cannot sell mortgages. Mortgages are owned by the bank that loaned the money.You cannot sell mortgages. Mortgages are owned by the bank that loaned the money.

Can you legally sue a person to force them to return loaned items?

Certainly. That is what the legal system is for.

What is to purchase goods with loaned money?


How is the remaining balance collected?

Who loaned the money?

Can you sue for financial abuse from your boyfriend?

No. There is no such thing as "financial abuse" unless you show that he made unauthorized purchases with your money.

Can you sue someone how has no money?

Yes you can sue soneone who has no money.

How do you sue someone that owes you money if they signed a notarized contract?

Go To Your County Attorney And Get A Packet To Fill A Small Claims Against Person. It Will Cost About $ 16.00. If You Win Your Case, You Can Charge Interest On Money Loaned. And Your Filing Fees Good Luck

Does sue bird have boyfriend?


Does Sue Bird have a boyfriend?


I am a Canadian and I loaned money to another Canadian while we were going to school in California. Their family owns ppty in Canada. Can I sue for the unpaid loan?

In most cases unless the contract specifies what court has jurisdiction over the contract the location isn't important. If you could sue for the same loan if you had made it in Canada, you can probably sue in Canada.

Can a private citizen sue for lending you money?

No, you can not sue somebody for lending you money. You can sue somebody if you have lent them money and they failed to pay it back.

If a mistress loans money to her boyfriend a married man with an oral agreement that it is a loan can the mistress later sue both the boyfriend and his wife for that debt.?

Verbal agreements are only understood by those who arranged the agreement, so theoretically the other party (the boyfriend) can lie about the arrangement, stating that the money was a gift. I wouldn't suggest loaning money to anyone unless there is a written agreement or if you are willing to accept the possibility that the money you lent might never be returned. Depending on the amount of money you loaned (I'm assuming under $10,000 which is tax free in the US), it may or may not be a cost effective way to getting your money back. The worst possibly scenario is that you will waste money by pursuing a lawsuit and never get your money back from the boyfriend. If you still plan to file a lawsuit, it will probably be helpful to provide your attorney with information about what the boyfriend used the money for. Here is a site that might be of value: You could always threaten the boyfriend that you will confront his wife about the loan and the affair if he refuses to sit down with a mediator.

How can you get money back you loaned to a friend?

small claims court

How do most developing countries use the money loaned to them from the IMF and the World Bank-?

Most developing countries use the money loaned to them from the IMF and the World Bank to stabilize their economy and to improve infrastructure.

What to do if someone withholds an item you loaned them?

Your only recourse is to sue them in small claims court. You will need some proof of the loan.