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Most states have a division that collects money from the child's father for you, no charge. If you go to a lawyer and pay for court you'll end up getting little if anything. This way the state takes on the financial obligation and you don't need to. All the benefit with none of the expense. * The grounds for such action must be established before a suit is possible. In most situations this means a child support order must be in force. State social services will not get involved until a support order has been issued by the jurisdictional court. If the issue is child care expenses, then the custodial parent can sue the noncustodial parent if they can prove that their was a verbal agreement that they would share the costs.

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If Father has had nothing to do with child and mother gets married to another man can that man adopt the child?

The father would need to legally give up his rights to the child or the court would have to take them away in order for the new husband to adopt the child.

Would you choose to abort your child because your husband wants you to?

no, keep the child. let your husband pay for his responsibilities.

Can your exwife get child support if the child is not yours but you were married to her but separated when she had the child?

In many jurisdictions, the husband is presumed to be the child's father unless paternity is established by other means. The biological father would likely be required to pay child support even if the mother is married to someone else.

Can a married couple sue each other for child support if they are not separated?

A married couple would not be able to sue each other for child support if not separated or divorced. A judge would have no reason to sign an order for child support on these grounds.

Would your teenage child be your ex-husband next of kin?

Only if the child is his child as well.

What if the relationship of your brother-in-laws child to you?

Since it would be your sister who had the child with her husband (your brother-in-law) then that would make their child your niece or nephew.

Is husband responsible for child support payments if his wife remarrys?

Generally, yes, the child is still his child. The support payments would likely stop if the new husband adopts the child, but he can't do that unless you agree to it.

What if Craig Kielburger did nothing to help with child labor?

Stupid question. What if? Nothing. Nothing would simply change about this terrible cause. If Craig Kielburger did nothing to help with child labor, everything would be different. Common sense

How do i get power of attorney of my mother if she is married but separated from husband?

You and get would have to go to the court house anand sign paperwork.

Are Celine Dion and Rene separated?

No Celine Dion and Rene are not separated. The grapevine has it that Celine Dion would like to get out of the entertainment business and spend more time with her husband and son.

If your husband dies will you inherit even though you have been separated not legally for nine years?

If you are separated but never took the steps to divorce, you in general would inherit all property.

How would you get a child out of a crisis shelter?

The problem the parent has is resolved. In only 15% of the cases, will the consider giving the child to a separated father.

Can a father get joint custody for a child if he is separated?

Yes, if the court feels it would be in the best interests of the child to award joint custody.

Is the new wife responsible for her husbands child support?

No, child support and alimony would be the sole responsibility of the husband.

Your husband and you are legally separated in FL with no plans for a divorce. If you die can he get your personal brokerage acct you want to leave to your sister as Transfer upon your death?

If you have a will stating that, it would be difficult for your separated husband to get those funds. But save yourself the trouble and just get a divorce.

How do you explain to your ex husband that your child needs to be with his mommy?

That you are manipulating the child into believing this and that it would be harmful to the child to learn otherwise. see links

How do you tell your friends that your husband has a child to another woman?

This begs the question, "Why would you?" and perhaps, "How is it any of their business?" Supposing it was it was any of their concern however. You would simply look them in the face and say, "My husband has a child by another woman."

If ex husband is now paying child support but was not in the past for 2 years and barely seeing his kids can your new husband adopt your kids?

your old husband would have to agree and you would have to go to court

What would you do if you found out your husbands mistress has a child with the woman he had the affair with?

i would tell the husband its 'me or her' and let him choose!!

What happens in the middle of a divorce if one party ends up pregnant by someone else and they have been separated since seeing lawyer.?

It depends on state law, but the parties would probably need to follow some procedure to establish the non-party as the legal father of the child and to relieve the husband from any obligation for child support for that child.

Can you get in trouble for giving your baby a different last name from your husbands?

You would not get in criminal trouble for giving your child a different last name from your husband. The law, however, assumes that whatever last name you give the child, if the child was born while you were married (even if separated for years), then your husband is the father of the child. Not too many years ago courts would not even entertain evidence tending to show that someone other than the husband was the father of the child, as the social stigma of illegitimacy was so large as to outweigh the rights of husbands who were in fact not fathers, or of non-husbands who were. Today the presumption of the husband's paternity is a "rebuttable" presumption, meaning you are allowed prove someone else is the father, by genetic tests, for instance, This lets the husband off the hook for child support, and makes the actual father liable.

Estate leave nothing to one child?

Yes, you can disinherit a child by will. If there was no will, the child would take equally with his siblings via intestacy.

What would you trust your husband to fix around the house?

Nothing Plumbing Anything Television Roof

Does a father have rights if child was born into a marriage but not genetically his?

The law presumes that the husband is the father of a child conceived or born during a marriage, unless/until proven otherwise. So, the husband would have the same rights concerning that child as any other.

Who has to pay bills if husband and wife are separated?

Your lawyers will deal with who pays what. If the wife is at home looking after children then normally the husband would help pay the costs as well as child support. Sometimes if the wife makes more money than the husband she may have to pay more expenses and it depends on the individual situation. You can receive free legal counsel in most States and it would be wise to contact your local Bar Association (lawyers.) They will advise you.