Can you survive your marriage after the infidelity of your spouse?

To put it simply, NO

All relationships between humans is built on one simple thing - trust. Actions like cheating, lying, stealing all undermine that trust. With cheating (infidelity), the betrayal of the marriage is undermine as it threatens all the love, care, and trust the partners have for each other that accumulated over the years. Once it is out there, then the marriage is dead or dying at best. Each future event will cause the victim to think the spouse is cheating on them again. This will manifest itself with nagging questions to the unfaithful spouse or come up in every future argument they have. And these will ultimately break down the unfaithful spouse to want a change in their life/relationship and they will become a repeat offender. If not, then they will also become less trusting of their partner, since they will think if they could cheat on the spouse, why could the spouse not also cheat on them. This cycle of mistrust will continue finally putting the so-called marriage to rest and it will end either legally or otherwise.

Mine is been years now, I thought I can if he made amens to our children, until I found out he fell in love with this woman, and shared my deepest secret to her, my raped. After all this he still protected her from me.