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Yes, but the valves would be 1.88/1.60 and they would have less flow. You could use 318/340/360 heads on any LA small block. The only problems would be compression due to bigger combustion chambers in 340/360 heads than in 318 heads. Do a valves job and resurface the 340 heads.

In 1971, the 340 came with the J heads and 2.02/1.60 valves. Since 1971 saw the introduction of the "360 style" J head, they used the same casting for 1971 340s and 360s, with different machining for the different sized valves. The 360 head actually saw first limited use in the 1970 340 Six-Pack AAR/TA, which also had 2.20/1.60 machined heads. Also the "J" heads can be machined for the big valves.

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Q: Can you swap 340 heads for 360s?
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