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Yes, under certain circumstances, and you need to know what you are doing. What I mean is, if you are going from a M/T to an A/T, you may need to remove the pilot bearing from the crankshaft. If you are going into a M/T, you may have to install a pilot bearing. Is this the same size engine, just a different transmission? Or are we also changing engine sizes, or year models? If so, we might have a conflict in wiring or engine controls, so there may be more questions to consider than just the issue of a different transmission.

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Q: Can you swap a motor with one that had a different transmission?
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Will a motor from a 1994 Honda accord stick shift fit into a 1991 Honda civic automatic?

The short answer is "Yes". However, the swap in question is not an easy one for many backyard mechanics. In order to make the swap happen you will need aftermarket motor mounts, modified axles, a modified wiring harness, a pedal swap, a new center console (to make the shifter look right,) and an upgrade from OBD0 to OBD1.Depending on the trim level of your 1991 Civic, you can swap motors from the same generation Civic (1988-1991) for not only a power increase, but a cheaper and easier swap. So if you have an LX, you could source a D16A6 engine from a Civic SI for a considerable power improvement, and all you will need is the motor and preferably the Engine Control Unit (ECU).The automatic-to-manual swap will require a set of pedals from a 1988-1991 Civic, a manual transmission for the motor you have or want to use with shift linkage, all clutch components with lines and cylinder(s), and an ECU designed for both your motor and transmission.

How many motor mounts does a 2002 cherokee have?

Two on the engine, one on the transmission.Two on the engine, one on the transmission.

How many motor mounts are on a 1994 Nissan Quest?

3for the motor and one for the transmission

What should you do if you have spun a bearing in your motor?

you have a couple options, you can pull the motor and have it rebuilt swap in a used motor from a junk yard drop the transmission and pull the crank, replacing it with a new crank rods and bearings if you are lucky you may not have scored the crank and you can replace the one bearing ang rod or you can junk/sell the car

How do you know you need a speed sensor on your 1992 Honda Accord?

Swap it out with a new one and see if it helps. Its not hard. Its just below the intake on top of the transmission, close to the firewall. Don't change it with the motor hot; it will hurt.

Car shaking on acceleration?

Motor or transmission mounts. That or your transmission is slipping one way or the other.

Does anyone know how to take a transmission out of a 1999 Ford Taurus?

I have heard that one can loosen the motor and transmission and hold the motor up with a hoist and lower the carriage instead of pulling out the whole motor in order to take out the transmission. This will allow one to keep all the odds and ends still affixed to the motor above while one replaced/fixed the transmission. I know that I pulled out the power steering unit this way without having to pull the motor. My ex-wife got her transmission fixed in a Taurus this way.

Can you swap a '97 Prelude H22a with a '93 Prelude H22a?

Provided the '97 Prelude is a base model, then yes it is possible to swap in an H22a variant. The Prelude Type SH motor is different as the ATTS unit is connected to the motor. So, the only compatible H22a motors would be one from another Type SH, or the JDM Honda Prelude Type S motor.

Is the automatic transmission from a dodge 1500 the same as the transmission from a dodge ram 3500?

No. The Ram 3500 has a much heavier duty transmission, and swapping one out for another will NOT be a simple drop-in swap.

What engines will swap with a 1997 Nissan 240sx?

There are a few different motors that can swap in with some mods and wiring. you already have the ka24de in it. You can swap in The sr20det or if you have alot of money i would spring for the rb20 25 or 26. the Nissan skyline motor. it requires alot of wiring to work. I've even seen one person put a v8 into a 91 s13. you can also fit a ca18det which was in the early 240s in japan it is a fairly cheap motor and swap is you have a first gen. this site will tell you everything about the motors what will swap in etc

1990 Jeep Wrangler with a 2.5 four cyl and want tho switch a 4.0 Jeep Cherokee 6-cylinder into it How do you do It?

To do this swap you will need to swap out the engine, transmission and transfer case as a unit. And there is a host of other things to change including the motor mounts, wiring, etc. This is not an easy swap by any means. You would be wise to sell the 2.5 Wrangler and get one with a 4.0.

How many motor mounts dose your 2001 Chevy venture have?

2 motor and 1 transmission mount holding it in place****If your engine 3.4 l then actually 3 motor and 1 transmission(in front of engine upper 2 supports ,one passenger side under motor and one driver side transmission mount)

Can es300 swap motor with is300?

don't think they will interchange one is a straight 6 the other is a v6

Can a motor from a sl Saturn replace a motor from a sc model?

First you need to know if they are both the same, they made a single over head cam and also made a duel over head cam motor! What ever you are putting must match the one coming out, unless you swap the head. Now if you are working on a automatic and the car you are taking the motor out of is a 5sp. you will need to swap computers too. Other than that, yes they will swap.

Can a 5.9 liter engine from one 2000 Dodge Dakota be put into another 2000 Dakota in place of a 4.7 liter engine?

Not without a lot of work. You will need to replace the motor mounts, ECU and transmission. Far from a direct swap.

Why does your transmission jump a lot when you shift on a 1998 Camero?

Inspect the transmission and motor mounts. You may have a broken one.

You got a 93 eagle talon dual over cam non turbo and you want to swap the motor from your 1990 eagle talon tsi turbo what all do you have to swap other than the motor?

well you really don't have to swap for the tsi motor. you can get all the turbo parts(turbo, manifold, piping, intercooler, ect.) and they will work with the NA motor but you will need the turbo injectors and fuel pump and some sort of air/fuel management. the APexi AFC is a good one and you can get one off of eBay for around $100.

Is there a difference between the oil in the motor and the transmission?

Crankcase or motor oil is thicker than transmission oil. That's one difference, there may be more (other than color)

What is the effect of reversing the connections to one winding of the three phase motor?

If you were to swap around any two of the three line connections the motor will run in the opposite direction.

What makes one car faster then another?

Well what makes a car faster is the type of motor it carrys plus the transmission Well what makes a car faster is the type of motor it carrys plus the transmission Well what makes a car faster is the type of motor it carrys plus the transmission Well what makes a car faster is the type of motor it carrys plus the transmission

How many motor mounts on a 96 jeep grand Cherokee Laredo?

Two on the engine, one on the back of the transmission.Two on the engine, one on the back of the transmission.

What Chevrolet small block motor has two dipsticks?

One dipstick Is oil one is transmission

Is a 400 out of a 1973 cougar the same as the one in a 1978 bronco Can you swap the cougar motor into the bronco?

Bascially they are the same engine.

Will 1997 s10 and 1997 extreme motor swap out?

If they are both 4.3L engines, yes. If one is a 2.2L and the other is a 4.3L, no.

Do you have to pull motor of 350 Chevy to change rear freeze plugs?

Pull the motor or pull the transmission, one of them has to come out.