Can you swim with great white sharks?

It is generally not a good idea to swim with great white sharks, or Carcharodon carcharias.

Firstly, it's humanly impossible to swim to the depths a great white shark can, which is about 1,220 meters, or 4,000 feet.

Even if the shark(s) in question surface, there are many predators in the sea and it is highly recommended to focus on safety first.

However, though dangerous, great white sharks do not aim for or prey on humans; almost all shark attacks are non-fatal and a result of "testing". Several other factors, including mistaken identity, may result in a shark accidentally attacking. Therefore, it is best to keep yourself safe from shark attacks.

However, great white sharks are by no means "weak" or "safe." They have several methods of attacking, including:

  • Bite-and-Flee (also known as "hit-and-run")
  • Bump-and-Bite
  • Sneak Attack

Though most shark attacks are provoked, sharks have been known to attack humans, of which some the reasons are stated above. They use the above list of methods in case of the latter.

In conclusion, one may swim with great white sharks if circumstances allow, but it is a safety and health risk.