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Owner's manual.

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Q: Can you switch an ford explorer in 4wd manually and how?
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How does the 4wd work on a 2001 ford explorer?

well,, you can start by turning the switch on your dash that says '4wd'

Where is the ported vacumm switch located on a 4.0 lt for a 96 ford exlporer xlt 4wd 4dr?

where is the ported vacumm switch located on a 4.o lt for a96 ford explorer xlt 4wd 4dr

Where can you find a parts diagram for the 1992 ford explorer xlt 4wd 5.0L engine?

There wasnt a 5.0L explorer in 1992

You are trying to identify the 4WD fuse of a 2002 Ford Explorer?

The owner's manual shows fuse # 12 - as a 5 amp fuse - for the fog lamp switch and 4X4 module

How many miles per gallon does a 1996 ford explorer XLT 4wd get?

Check out

1995 Ford Explorer 4wd light flashing?

A malfunction has been detected , could be a sensor

What is the little cup holder in the 2013 ford explorer for?

It is for the 4WD control knob. In models without 4WD it is just an extra place to put something.

What will happen if you turn switch auto to low on my 1999 ford explorer?

As far as I know nothing will happen . To shift into 4WD LOW you have to be at a complete stop , foot on the brake pedal , transmission shifted into neutral ( or clutch pedal depressed ) and then select 4WD LOW

Where is the starter located on a 1994 Ford Explorer 4WD?

it is on the lower side of the motor on the passenger side of your vehicle

Why does the 4wd low light flash in your 1997 ford explorer?

A malfunction has been detected , could be a sensor

How do you engage the 4wd on the ford explorer xlt?

with a Large HAMMERRRthanks for the sugested solution but I TRY THAT ALREADY AND IS NOT WORKING

Can You Switch A 1992 Ford Explorer Transmission With A 1996?

Call a junkyard with a Hollander interchange manual and they will tell you which years and models will fit it. Be sure to have the exact explorer model (LT, LS, sport, 4WD, 2WD, etc) and exact transmission type.

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