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No, the cell phones have to be from the same service provider in order for them to work.

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Q: Can you switch the chip in a cell phone to make it work for a different service provider?
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Can you get a data plan only from a wireless service provider to use on your prepaid phone with a different service provider?


How to Choose a Phone Service Provider?

When looking to get a new cell phone, you will find that you will have plenty of service providers to choose from. As you are choosing a new phone service provider to go with, you should select one that has a reputation for good customer service. A phone service provider should be able to work with you in events of phone malfunction or improper billing. If you read consumer reviews that state otherwise, you should choose a different provider.

Can you use the same sim card to activate a phone with a different service provider?

With a different service provide you would have to get your mobile unlocked.

How do you setup email on mobile phone?

That depends on your mobile phone service provider, your e-mail service provider, and/or the make and model of your phone.

How do I activate a unlocked cell phone?

If your provider would not let you switch over to your service then you will need a new phone. Providers do not like unlocked phones.

If we change our business phone service provider, will our phone number stay the same?

A number of phone service providers will allow you to switch and retain your current phone number. Whether or not Verizon will I cannot say for certain, and it may depend on which service plan you choose.

If my Motorola att phone doesn't have blue tooth and i just want the melody of the songswhat do i do?

you can ask your provider to switch your phone that has bluetooth you can ask your provider to switch your phone that has bluetooth

Can I choose a phone service provider in Parker County, Texas?

There are always options for changing phone service providers. However, a person's current provider may impose a penalty based on the contract that was signed. Make sure there is no penalty for early termination with the current provider before making the switch.

How do i unlock a phone i found it has no service and it has a code is there anyway i can figure it out?

The only way to unlock a phone that you found that has no service and it has a code is to obtain an unlock code from the phone's service provider. The service provider may charge a fee for unlocking the phone.

Where can I go to get my cell phone unlocked for cheap?

When your cell phone is unlocked, you can use it with any service provider's network. The original service provider will have to unlock the cell phone for you.

Who is the service provider for the Motorola Droid Pro?

Verizon Wireless is the service provider for the Motorola Droid Pro. This is a good phone with many different features, including all the Droid features.

How do you end mobile phone contract?

Phone up your service provider

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