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Can you switch to a spouse's insurance after losing your own?

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2015-07-15 18:19:50

This depends on the individual insurance. I would call your

spouse's insurance. I wouldn't say anything about why you lost your

COBRA unless they ask especially if you are well now and expect to

stay that way. In other words, you don't have a chronic condition.

The less you say to health questions, the greater your chance for

coverage. Please don't be deceitful, but don't think you're being

dishonest by not offering information. The insurance company will

ask the information necessary to ensure they will make a profit

from the deal if they can insure you. Good luck.

Also, if you can't be picked up by a spouse's insurance, some

states (such as Tennessee) offer insurance to the uninsurable.

While this may not be the best insurance, it is definitely better

than none.

You should be able to. Typically, on a company sponsored policy

there is an "open enrollment" period to start, end or change

benefits. Most companies allow employees to make changes for "major

life events" which generally include births, deaths, marriage,

divorce or change in spousal benefits.

Probably. It would be a "qualifying event" and therefore you

shouldn't have to wait for open enrollment.

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