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Can you takE Ativan and suboxone in the same day?

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Yes, you can take suboxone and ativan together. Suboxone does not block the effects of ativan. However, taking too much ativan with suboxone, could cause respiratory failure. So, to be safe, stick to the prescribed dosages of both medications.

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If i took a suboxen strip this morning can i take a lortab in the same day?

Yes indeed! As the effects of the suboxone wear off you will get more of a high from the opana especially if insuffulated.

Yes. My doctor prescribed 0.5 Ativan one twice a day and Prozac 20MG one every AM. Yes. My doctor prescribed 0.5 Ativan one twice a day and Prozac 20MG one every AM. Yes. My doctor prescribed 0.5 Ativan one twice a day and Prozac 20MG one every AM.

I am on 24mg of Suboxone and 3mg of Klonopin. These are maintenance drugs for me, so I have a tolerance, so do not go off that. Are you being prescribed both of these drugs by the same doc? These are very sedating drugs and mixing without doctor's supervision can be very dangerous. If you must - just be aware how you react to each drug on it's own. If you are not sure, than wait several hours before taking the ativan. You can just take half to see how you react. Lastly, the dosages are to be considered... just please be careful if this is something you are doing without your doctors knowledge. Hope this helps.

ask your doc first, but i take 10mg zyprexa at nite to sleep while on a 16mg a day suboxone treatment

Time to wait to take Lortab after SuboxoneI have been on Suboxone for 11 months. I had to have surgery 4 months ago and was taking 6mgs. Suboxone per day. Before I decided to take Lortab post-op I discussed this with my pharmacist. I was told that one can safely take Lortab 3-4 hours after last Suboxone dose. I decided to go ahead and tolerated the Lortab very well. Conversely, the same time is needed to resume taking Suboxone.

No, and Suboxone has a very long half life so it will day multiple days to significantly reduce the amount of Suboxone in your body.

This question barely makes sense. Suboxone is usually taken sublingually at the beginning of the day, and Ambien is obviously taken at the very end of the day. I have no idea why you would need to take suboxone and ambien at the same time, unless you are snorting Oxycontin in your sleep. Just hold onto the Suboxone until you wake up and take it then! Preferably at least 7-8 hours after you take the Ambien!

Ativan, Xanax, Klonopin ~ all the benzos. I take 60 XR Adderall per day and about 3 Ativan 2 mg.

My Doctor has had me on Tramadol and Ativan for about a year now. I have had no problems so far. I am on 50 mg. of Tramadol taken up to 4 times a day if needed, and 1 mg. of Ativan taken up to 4 times a day if needed.

You shouldn't NEED a tranquilizer every day! If the Adderall is making you that jittery that you think you need Ativan, you need to have your doctor lower the dose.

then you are officially too dumb to follow simple instructions.

Not a good idea, You should make sure the suboxone is out of your system before taking the methadone. Combining these two medications could cause major sickness and withdrawals.

Only if at least three days have elapsed. You can, however, take Subutex (Suboxone without naloxone) after a full day off methadone.

yea you can but it might not work that good.

Yes. In Treatment they usually wait until 24 hours to give you Subutex. Subutex is the same as Suboxone except Subutex doesn't contain naloxone. You can take the Suboxone as soon as you start to feel withdrawal symptoms which can be anywhere from 6 to 24 hours after your last dose but since is has been 23 hours since your last oxycodone use, I would say you are good to go on the suboxone.Make sure you take the suboxone correctly. Let the suboxone dissolve under your tounge. Don't swallow it because that can cause you to feel immediate withdrawal symptoms. You can't "shoot up" suboxone either because of the naloxone, you will also go into withdrawal immediately. You can snort suboxone, I know someone who does snort their suboxone. I have personally never snorted suboxone because one I do not snort my pain pills(I have had rheumatoid arthritis for 4 years now) and second I read online where suboxone has the same effect whether you snort it or take it like you are supposed to.

No! The best one to take is clonazapam. This drug is better because it isn't addictive and the half life for clonazapam is approx. 4 days. Ativan does work very well in treating anxiety and panic attacks but it is extremely addictive and its half life is approx. 8 to10 hours. Ativan works on the same receptors in the brain as alcohol. So for a recovering alcoholic, the withdraw effects from Ativan will be the same as coming away from alcohol all over again. This becomes frustrating! I'm a recovering alcoholic for the past 10 years and I started taking 2mg of Ativan twice a day and sometimes more. It was keeping the discomfort under control. I used it for a year and a half. Now I'm seeing a new Doctor and she has taken me off the Ativan and increased my clonazapam dose form 1mg to 4mg per day. I got to say, "I wish that I had never even heard of Ativan before!"

Say its Monday and you take 1 or more ocycontins and then on Tuesday you take suboxone and then you are given a urine test with in the next day or two and only tested for Oxycontin it will not show up, suboxone will clear out the Oxycontin in your system, and only certain Dr's and certain labs can test for suboxone, now if you take suboxone before Oxycontin then tested you will come up for Oxycontin, and if your Dr or the lab they may use can test for it they will find suboxone

Hi! I also was curious about the suboxone and phentermine combination. I researched quiet a bit on the internet and found only some useful information. I have been on suboxone since May at 16mgs a day. Anyway, YES you can take phentermine while on suboxone-I looked up drug interactions for the 2 and found none. I can tell you from experience..literally for the past three days, I have taken suboxone and phentermine. The suboxone does not block out ANY effects of the phentermine and you will feel the exact same effect as if you were not taking suboxone. Like I said, this is from experience and knowledge that suboxone will not block the effects of any type of speed-like buzz or amphetamines (adderal,phenetermine,cocaine..etc).

I have been on suboxone for about 6 mths now and I take 3- 8mg films a day and I have been 3 days without it and never had the first withdrawal.

You can, but it is pointless. Suboxone has blocking properties that will block out all other opioids and clog your opioid receptors. It is usually recommended that you wait 3 days after your last suboxone use before taking another opiate like methadone.

I won't hurt you. However,the Suboxone blocks the opiate receptors in your brain so you will not feel anything by taking the oxycodone. You will get the same if not better results by taking an motrin.

my geuss is no...suboxone blocks your opiod receptors, and tramadol is an opiate...try skipping a suboxone dose one day and take tramadol, best of luck to ya

you might get away with it but its reported to be fatal in certain cases and doses. I have taken a benzo to sleep a day after suboxone and i was fine, but i don't know myself if i am risking it.

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