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I have a wireless router and a wireless network adapter. I have the wireless network adapter (CAT5 not USB) connected to the WAN port on my router. I set the network adapter to connect to the other wireless network, then I can get internet rebroadcast through my router. I use Airlink 101 router and D-link wireless network adapter DD-WRT provides firmware for many types of routers that allows you to setup a wifi router as a bridge or a repeater. Repeater mode will work better as you do not have to assign a static IP address. By flashing your router with this firmware, your basically multiplying the value of your router by 5. Routers that work best for this: older models of linksys, usually a wrt54gs or a wrt54gl, and also buffalo routers, but good luck finding buffalo routers. For more info, visit have their own wiki section and will provide you with PLENTY of information to get this done.

2009-02-11 08:31:49
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Can you use a belkin N1 router to connect to other wireless network as wireless bridge?

No, the Belkin N1 routers do not have the ability to act as a Wireless "Bridge".

Can two wireless g routers work together?

Yes, they can. It's called "bridge".

Can you hard wire 2 computers using a wireless router connected to a cable modem?

Maybe. I have a couple Belkin 54G v6000 and v8000 routers that can do this. If the routers support "wireless bridging" (also known as "WDS", "Repeater", or "Client-Mode") then you can set up one in client/bridge mode and the other as a host/router. You'll have to check the manual and see if this is supported, and how to configure it.

Can you use a wireless router as a bridge to a different make of wireless router?

No, different brand routers dont't recognize each other.

Difference between bridge and repeater?

A bridge acts as "bridge" between two networks or network subnets. A repeater merely strengthens the signal. You can have a repeater that only acts on one wire.

What is a netgear router used for in the computer world?

A Netgear wireless router is most often used in homes with multiple computers. It can be used as a bridge or a repeater to extend the wireless range.

I want to hardwire my PC upstairs but there's no connection I have two wireless routers can I send a signal between them?

Yes, you can. It's "Bridge". PS: Not many routers support "Bridge". And it's a little bit tricky to set up.

Can you use belkin 802.11n router as wireless bridge?

It depends on model. Many routers allow to be used in bridge configuration. You need to read the manual for your router to see if you can use it as "bridge".

What is difference between switch and bridge?

Actually no difference, bridging is one of functions supported by modern routers (wireless switches).

Can you use a Netgear 802.11g WGR614 router to connect to another wireless network and then share the other wireless network though its own 4 ethernet ports?

Such configuration is called a bridge. From my experience I know that if you have two identical wireless routers it's possible to set a working bridge. If you have different routers of different brands it's matter of luck. In order for you to use bridge configuration your router should support it. You can check in the manual or in the router's settings.

Two home networks across the street from each other - What do you need to connect them together wireless?

There are couple solutions. One of them is just to buy a powerful router ($100 and more range) and good wireless cards. Another solution is more complicated and it's based on so called "bridge". To create a bridge you need to have two routers (it's highly recommended to use the same brand and model) supporting bridge technology and of course wireless routers or lan cables to connect computers inside of the houses to routers. First solution is cheaper but has shorter range. Second is more expensive but has longer range.

How do you connect wireless inernet without having own modem?

You can connect your router to somebody's router, it's called "bridge". Not all routers allow to do that, also usually routers from different brands do not work very well together.

How do you hook up two wireless router on the same network with both routers located in different rooms?

You have to choose which router is the main one. After that you can configure second router to create "bridge" with the main one. It's better if you have both routers of the same manufacture and model. Many routers even so can be configured for "bridge" usually do not work with different models and manufactures.

Im using my neighbor's wi-fi connection and can only pick it up in one part of the house can i connect my wi-fi dongle to a wireless router and send their wireless around my house?

Some routers support so called Bridge function which is basically you need. There is one problem usually routers from different brands are compatible in the bridge mode. You always can try. How to configure the bridge option check out the router manual.

How do you make a wifi connection wired without using a computer at all?

You can turn wired connection in wireless. If you want to turn wireless connection in wired you will need a particular router for that. The only configuration I know capable of such thing is so called "bridge". Bridge allows to to extend signal, and because almost all routers have LAN switch built-in it technically converts a wireless signal in wired as well as wireless.

I am using a cable modem with a wire linksys 4 port router I would like to add a wireless access point in another area of the building using one of the existing drops Can I add in a wireless router?

Yes, you can. Such configuration is called "bridge". You have to use two routers of the same model and firmware which support bridge configuration. Multiple problems were reported when people have used routers of different models or/ and brands. You might want to try using wireless range extender which is easier to setup.

Switch hub bridge router and repeater?

WikiAnswers cannot answer a statement.

How can I install a wireless bridge?

If you are looking for an easy way to install a wireless bridge, video is the way to go. Youtube and Bestbuy have videos to help you learn to install a wireless bridge.

Bridge and Router: Extending a Network?

Anyone who wants to expand a wireless home network can do so with a bridge. Most wireless routers have four Ethernet ports, so this limits the amount of devices which could be connected through cables. A network bridge is a networking accessory which has Ethernet ports for compatible devices. The bridge can be connected to an existing router through Ethernet cables or wireless methods. The bottom line is that a network bridge ultimately links additional Ethernet ready devices to a router that can only physically support four Ethernet connections. A network bridge is similar to a USB hub in that it extends the number of possible connections.

Will the Powerful 250mw Wireless WiFi Access Point, Router, Bridge or Client work with Qwest?

All WiFi routers and access points will work with any Internet service provider, including Qwest.

Can you use a Belkin 802.11g router to connect to another wireless network to a router not made by Belkin sort of like a bridge?

So far, there is no compability between routers from different brands. The answer is rather no, but you can still try.

Which wireless component allows wireless clients to gain access to a wired network?

wireless bridge

What is dffrence between brige and repeater?

A network bridge joins two networks to make one. A network repeater extends one network to make it larger/more powerful.

Using Wireless Bridges and Routers to Connect your Multi-Building Business?

A common problem facing businesses which have offices in two adjacent buildings is the networking involved in connecting two computers across buildings. The use of wireless bridges and routers can quickly, easily, and securely solve this problem. If multiple computers are set up in each building, a router is mostly likely connecting all of them together and directing the flow of traffic to and from the outside world. The first thing that needs to be done in this case is to obtain a wireless router for one of the buildings to replace the standard router already there. Once it has been installed, set it up to allow wireless signal distribution using the WPA2 encryption standard. This will ensure that your data is secure, and can be done by even the simplest of wireless routers today, including home consumer models which can be purchased for under $50. Once the wireless signal is being put out by the first router, there needs to be a way to connect the second router to this wireless signal, linking the two networks. This is where the wireless bridge comes in. A bridge is essentially a piece of hardware that links two different network protocols together, transferring the signal through. In this case, that would be going from a wireless to wired connection, and vice versa. A dedicated wireless bridge may be used, or a second business-grade wireless router may be set up to work as one. The details for the wireless secure connection must be inputted to the bridge, and from then on it will distribute the signal to the second router, which can then connect all of the computers in your second building to those in the first. The advantages of using a wireless bridge to connect two offices in this way are three-fold. One, it lowers the potential cost of having to thread a cable through the walls and under or across the street. Secondly, it eliminates the possibility of network sniffing by someone plugging in a monitor between your two networks. Finally, it allows seamless networking between employees to increase productivity. Wireless bridges and routers are the solution to your networking problems.

What is the function of a wireless bridge?

Wireless bridging is the technique of connecting two wireless access points together. This can be done to extend the range of a wireless network, or to create a wireless bridge between two or more wired networks, perhaps in separate buildings.