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For a short time in a reasonable dose.If you are generally healthy, you can take the recommended dosages of naproxen (Aleve) and aspirin together for a few days.

If you are prone to stomach, bleeding, or kidney problems, don't do it. But you probably know that already.

If you depend on low-dose aspirin for your heart health, ask your doctor. Naproxen can cancel out the benefits of the aspirin.

Do NOT take ibuprofen (Motrin/Advil) with aspirin. This is the NSAID that is implicated in most serious interactions with aspirin.


We, therefore, conclude that the metabolic interaction, although real, results in changes of such small magnitude as to be of no clinical significance.


You should NOT take aspirin and naproxen sodium simultaneously.

You can Google on naproxen sodium side effects and get tons of info.

AnswerI wouldn't. If naproxen isn't solving the problem you might want to get some medical attention. That's some pretty strong stuff and it should take care of most minor pain and inflamation.
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Q: Can you take Aspirin and naproxen together?
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Can you take naproxen 550 mg and aspirin together?

Do NOT do this! Naproxen and Aspirin have a LETHAL combination together, they form the poisonus substance Naprositin, a STRONG pesticide. Its like mixing bleach N ammonium!

Can I take naproxen sodium and aspirin?

probably i think motrin not with naproxen sodium

Does naproxen have aspirin?

No, naproxen doesn't contain aspirin. Naproxen is a non steroidal anti-inflammatory and it can have similar effects of aspirin.

Can you take kalms and naproxen together?

Can you take kalms and naproxen together

Can you take aspirin naproxen sodium acetaminophren and ibuprofen together?

Not unless you want to bleed to death internally. Absolutely not!

Can you take arthrotec and naproxen together?

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Can you take gravol and naproxen together?

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Can you take cortisone and aspirin together?

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Can you take mobic and aspirin together?

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Can you take aspirin and lyrica together?

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Can I take 81 mg aspirin and 220 naproxen?

Yes, but both can cause bleeding to take longer to stop. Don't take a higher dose of aspirin that the 81mg dose. 220 naproxen really should be enough alone.

Does Aleve contain aspirin?

No, Aleve (naproxen sodium) does not contain aspirin; however, it is an NSAID and is an anti-inflammatory, as is aspirin. It does have some blood thinning properties and can upset the stomach, as can aspirin. They should not be taken together. No. The active ingredient in Aleve is naproxen (in the prescription meds, Naprosyn and Anaprox).

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