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Q: Can you take Claritin together with Tylenol-allergy - chlorpheniramine maleate 2 mg and phenylephrine hci 5 mg?
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Can children take Claritin and Pedicare cough syrup together?

No. One has Loratidine and second have chlorpheniramine. Both are Antihistaminic drugs. So do not take first one till second one is taken.

Can Chlorpheniramine maleate Phenylephrine bitartrate and Guaifenesin be taken together?

Yes, they can. What you have there is one antihistamine, one decongestant, and one expectorant. In other words - cold medicine! Just remember to drink lots of water when you have a cold, so that you can flush the toxins out of your body faster.

Can you take Claritin and NyQuil together?

can I take Claritin and Nyquil together

Can Prednisone and chlorpheniramine be given together?

Should I stop taking chlorpheniramine if I am now taing prednisone.

Can you take cefuroxime and Claritin together?

can you take ceftin and claritin together

Can you take phenylephrine hydrochloride and Xanax together?

Can you take phenylephrine hydrochloride and Xanax

Can you take guaifenesin phenylephrine and ibruprofen together?

The combination of guaifenesin, phenylephrine, and ibuprofen should be fine to take together. To be certain that these medications are right for you, check with your doctor or pharmacist.

Is it okay to take keflex and Claritin together?

It is perfectly okay to take both Keflex and Claritin together.

Can amoxicillin and chlorpheniramine be taken together?

of course not mongo

Can you take xanax with Claritin d?

can you take Claritin-D and alprazolam together?

Can loratadine and phenylephrine be taken together?


Can cetirizine and phenylephrine HCL be taken together?


Can loratadine and phenylephrine HCL be taken together?


Can you take azthromycin and Claritin together?

Yes you can take both Azithromycin & Claritin, there are no drug interactions.

Can citalopram and Claritin be taken together?

There aren't commonly interactions between citalopram and Claritin, so it should be fine to take the two together. If you are in doubt, check with your pharmacist.

Can you take flonase and Claritin together?

Flonase and Claritin CAN be taken together but make sure you read the directions for both and aren't taking any other medication that can counteract the effects of either medication.

Can you take chlorpheniramine maleate and singulair together?

Yes You Can But Some Side Effects Varrie

Can you take depakote and Claritin together?


Can you take azithromycin and Claritin together?


Can you take Claritin and Zyrtec together?


Can you take dimetapp and Claritin together?


Can you take sertraline and Claritin together?


Can you take Claritin d and hydroxyzine together?

can i take hydroxyzine hcl and claritin within 2 hours of each nother

Can you take guaifenesin phenylephrine and ibuprofen together?

Yes, guaifenesin and phenylephrine was a combination drug called Entex LA. Ibuprofen and phenylephrine are in the new drug Advil sinus congestion. So taking the 3 ingredients togetherr are fine at normal dosage strengths

Can you take benadryl Claritin and singular together?

Benadryl (diphenhydramine) and Claritin (loratadine) are both antihistamines and therefore should not be taken together. Singulair may be taken with diphenhydramine or loratadine, but not with both.