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No. They should not be taken together. Oxytetrcycline is bacteriostatic and amoxicillin is bacteriocidal. Given together amoxicillin goes to waste and there are chances that bacteria may develope resistance to amoxicillin.

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Q: Can you take Flucloxacillin and clindamycin at the same time?
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Can you take penicillin and Flucloxacillin at the same time?

can you take sulfameth trimethoprim and clindamycin at same time.

Is it safe to take penicillin vk same time as flucloxacillin?

It is best to use only one at a time unless otherwise prescribed by your physician.

Can flucloxacillin capsules and ciprofloxacin tablets be taken at the same time?


Can you take Clindamycin with Zithromax?

Yes, this is fine. The antihistamine in Zyrtec does not interact with the antibiotic. Remember to take all your clindamycin even after you stat feeling better. You want to kill all the bacteria and not leave any hiding in your body!

Can you take Viagra while on clindamycin?

I rescently had surgery and I was given both clindamycin HCL 150 and percription strength advil. Neither the doctor nor the pharmacist (whom I have been going to since I was a child) saw any problem with me taking both at the same time. If you are on anything other than the clindamycin I would check with your pharmacist first. You should probably check with your pharmacist eiher way since every person is different.

Can you eat grapefruit while taking clindamycin?

I did once and... vomited all night. For the second time when taking clindamycin, I noticed no vomiting. So, better avoid drinking grapefruit juice while taking clindamycin.

Can you use staphylex for urine infection?

Flucloxacillin can be used to treat the urinary tract infection. Use of isolated flucloxacillin is not recommended for this condition. As it has little antibacterial activity of it's own. It should be used preferably with ampicillin or amoxicillin. (Resistance to flucloxacillin was reported for the first time, in London, in 1964, by staphylococci.)

What are the nursing responsibilities for clindamycin?

A nurses responsibilities for someone taking Clindamycin is to make sure they do not get too much of the medication. They also are responsible for getting the medication to the patient on time and keeping track of what time it was given to them.

Does clindamycin and bactrim interact together?

I am allergic to bactrim and have been prescribed clindamycin for severe razor burn. I told my dr. about my allergy. Clindamycin topical works very well for me, never had a reaction. Although I should say officially I don't know.

Can you take antiviral and antibiotics at the same time?

Can you take antiviral and antibiotics at same time

Can you take Oxycontin and clindamycin together?

Can_clindamycin_and_hydrocodone_be_taken_togetherThe reason i ask , is because i get extrememly nauseated each time i take them.--Answer - Both clindamycin and hydrocodone list nausea as a side effect. Clindamycin does have some much more serious possible digestive system side effects. Taking a narcotic like hydrocodone can sometimes worsen these symptoms...I just learned that the hard way! Luckily before any real damage, but got really sick. Sometimes the meds make you feel worst than the original illness. Some people are OK taking both, but talk about it with your doctor, myself I have a sensitive digestive system.

Can you take birth control and synthroid at the same time?

Yes, you can take Synthroid and birth control at the same time.