Can you take a bath on ovulation or implantation day or can it mess anything up if you do get pregnant?

Actually there was a female gynecologist years ago that said that women should shower instead of bathing and they would get less urinary tract infections. Often when one has a bath the water is very warm and even the very bath bubbles we use are not always good for you. The tissues inside of vagina are extremely fragile. I was in my mid-20s then and had several urinary tract infections so I read the gynecologist's article and gave it a shot for 3 months. She was right! To this day I take showers.

If you are have your period then it's best not to have a bath unless you have severe cramping. Sometimes that's the only relief some women have. Take showers!


I hate it when people with a tiny bit of medical knowledge try to give advice as if they know more than they do. Occasionally children will get Urinary Tract Infections from taking "Bubble Baths" but not adults. There is no harm in taking a bath while ovulating or any other time. Urinary Tract Infections in women can be caused by wiping after urinating from back to front and contaminating the vagina with fecal material. More frequently UTI's are caused by the fact that women have a very short urethra compared to men. Consequently, the act of sex can push small amounts of bacteria into the urethra and cause a UTI.Urinating after sex can avoid this by "flushing out" the urethra and any bacteria they may have inadvertently been introduced into the urethra via sex. Severe cramps can be relieved with Advil or other Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Meds, and can often be eliminated completely by starting Birth Control Pills.