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Yes, you can. I took a pregnancy test 4 days before my expected period, (in the middle of the day) its positive, took another test one hour later, its positive again. And I took another one the next day, it turns out positive as well(Its kind of fun to take the test once its positive )

Yes, you can. There are a few tests on the market that allow you to take the test four days before your missed period. I believe that there are also one or two that you can take even earlier. They are stronger when detecting your hormone count. The one that I know you can use four days before your period is due is " " - I used it and it worked fine (I am not two months pregnant). But as with all tests, they are not guaranteed, so if you take one I would suggest taking another one when your period is due. " " comes in a two pack (more for your money!). Good luck!

I took a e.p.t before I missed my period too and it came out negative and I know for sure I have to be pregnant because my partner told me he is sure. But I would like for a pregnancy test that can tell from the day of conception because I am a teen and i really need to know.

The answer to this question is actually "yes," and that's with a normal pregnancy test. Tests generally claim that they become accurate from the first day of the woman's missed period. This information is accurate, because the woman generally starts her period about two weeks after ovulation.

It is the length of time that the woman is pregnant that determines if the test comes back positive or not. This is important for those with highly irregular menstrual cycles, or for those who engaged in unprotected sexual intercourse during the woman's period (since it would kind of suck to have to wait an entire month to test).

It is recommended to take a home pregnancy test about 14 days after sexual intercourse. If you are still concerned, it is a good idea to retest a few days later. .

My husband and I were trying to have a baby and I took a pregnancy test 5 days before my period was due and I was pregnant.

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Q: Can you take a home pregnancy test before you miss your period?
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Can you take a pregnancy test before a miss period?

no u can not take a pregnancy test before a miss period it should be after a missed period

When can you go for home pregnancy test to detect pregnancy?

Usually if you miss your expected period, but now there are tests that can detect a pregnancy tests a little before your period is suppose to be.

Can a home pregnancy test be taken twelve days before the next period?

No. Take one when you miss you period, or buy the test that says you can take 4 days before you miss you period. Take preg. test in the morning, urine is more concentrated.

Can you get pregnant 2 weeks before your period and miss that period?

Yes. That would be a normal pregnancy.

When should you take a pregnancy blood test?

When you miss your period and a home pregnancy shows up negative

Is cramping before your period a sign of pregnancy or of your period coming soon?

It's a sign of your period coming soon. However, if you miss your period, take a pregnancy test

If a female does not have period what does it means?

If you miss your period you may or may not be pregnant. Get a home pregnancy test at the drugstore.

If you think you are pregnant can you take a pregnancy test before you miss your period?

yes you can

Can a home pregnancy test tell if you are pregnant 5-6 days before your period?

When you get pregnant your body produces a pregnancy hormone that the HPT picks up. That is how it knows your pregnant. In early pregnancy the hormone is not always strong enough to be detected, that is why they suggest you wait until you miss you period to take the HPT. That is not to say it won't detect it, every pregnancy is different. If you want to know before you miss your period you should go to a doctor.

Can a pregnancy be detected before you miss you period?

most pregnancy test can be acurate 7 days after unprotected sex

How soon will a girl miss her period after getting pregnant?

Conception would occur around two weeks before menstruation, if pregnancy occurs then this will stop menstruation from occuring. Thus she will miss her next period if she is pregnant, so if you miss a period take a pregnancy test.

Can you tell whether you pregnant before you miss your period?

Yes. Many women experience pregnancy symptoms before they have a missed period. However pregnancy symptoms and PMS symptoms closely mirror one another. If you want to know for sure a blood test from a Dr is the most accurate. There are early detection home pregnancy tests but they are likely to give you a false negative until after you miss your period.

Must you miss your period before you know you are pregnant?

No, some women know before however most home pregnancy tests will not show a positive result until that time.

Are sore breasts before period is due is it too early for a pregnancy test?

Sore breasts before period is normal. If you miss your period, take a test

What is the Chance of getting pregnant right before your period?

It is possible. Take a pregnancy test if you miss your period or the one after that

Can you test for pregnancy before your first miss period?

You can but it won't be accurate and a waste of money.

Do you start pregnancy right after you miss your period?

Pregnancy is actually counted from the day after your last period ended. Once you miss your period, you are considered to be one month pregnant. However, most of the time, conception occurs two weeks before the missed period.

What does it mean when your nipples are sore to the touch?

Sore nipples can be a sign of pregnancy, or if you're due for a period, your nipples with get sore about a week before your period, if you miss your period, take a pregnancy test.

How can you tell if you're pregnant before you miss a period?

You should be able to get a pregnancy test which can detect pregnancy hormones before you miss your period. But some women experience early pregnancy symptoms and some women just "know" that they are pregnant before they miss a period.Positive pregnancy test Feeling sick/actually being sick Headaches Dizziness Exhausted Stuffy nose Needing to pee more Tender/sore breasts Emotional/moody

Is it possible to miss a period have negative pregnancy test and still be pregnant?

The at-home pregnancy tests are not 100% accurate. Consult your gynecologist.

If a boy nuts in you five days before your period are you pregnant?

You could be. If you miss your period you should take a pregnancy test.

When can you know about the pregnancy?

When you miss a period and take a pregnancy test.

When do you get a pregnancy test?

After you miss your period.

Do you have to miss a period to have pregnancy symptoms?


Could brown spotting a week before your period be a sign of pregnancy?

Not possible unless you are sexually active and semen could have entered your vagina. If this worries you you will have to wait until you period. If you miss it after 5 days take a couple home pregnancy tests to be sure.

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