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You can but it may not be accurate for 5 days or so. If you get a positive result you are pregnant, if it is negative, wait a week and retest if your period is still late.

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IT may,it depends on when your period it expected. It is more accurate to take the pregnancy test at the most,Five days before your missed period. It will be most accurate to take the pregnancy test the day before your missed period.

You should take a pregnancy test shortly after your missed period. That is when a home pregnancy test is most effective. Although I have heard you can do a blood test at the doctor as soon as 2 weeks before your missed period.

Gonorrhea will not cause a missed period. Take a pregnancy test if your period is late.

You should wait fourteen days after intercourse or the day of your expected period.

no u can not take a pregnancy test before a miss period it should be after a missed period

Take it the first day of your missed period.

when should u take a pregnancy test, if you miss a period

The day of your missed period if your worried about being pregnant.

Bacterial vaginosis will not cause a missed period. Take a pregnancy test.

Take a pregnancy test now.

A missed period and fatigue can be signs of pregnancy. Take a pregnancy test.

A yeast infection or the treatment for it have nothing to do with missing a period. If you missed a period you should take a home test or go see a doctor to find out if you are pregnant.

Some home pregnancy tests can give you an accurate answer up to 5 days before your missed period. The later you wait the more accurate the results. Save your money and just wait until you are late to test.

Taking a pregnancy test seven days before a missed period won't be accurate.

If your normal period is late you should take a home pregnancy test and/or see your dr.

Most women, like myself, take a pregnancy test on the day of their missed period.

after your missed period you can take it at any time. you can take it up to 4 days before even.

The first day after your missed period. There are some tests that you can take up to 5 days before your missed period.

Several home pregnancy tests advertise that they can detect the pregnancy hormone pretty accurately up to five days before your (missed) period. However, it is a good idea to follow it up with an additional home pregnancy test should you discover that you have indeed missed your period at its expected time (should you have regular cycles), just to be sure whether or not the first one was accurate.

To get better results you should wait for your missed period. Some people even if they missed their period they do a test and it still becomes negative. It's best to wait a few days later after your missed period and then do the home pregnancy test. If it comes out negative and you still missing your period you should go to your doctor to get the best answer.

ASAP. Especially if you've already missed a period. Many of the newer meters can detect pregnancy before the first missed period. (or so they say)

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