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No it takes 14 days for a home pregnancy test to show positive. Your hcg levels need to be high enough.

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Can you have pregnancy symptoms couple days after intercourse?

No it takes about 3 days to get pregnant and then it takes even longer to get symptoms.

How many days after intercourse does your body knOw it's pregnant?

You can detect pregnancy with a pregnancy test 14 days after intercourse.

Could you tell if you are pregnant a couple of days after you have intercourse?

You will not have a positive pregnancy test for at least 10 days after intercourse as it takes at least this long for the fertilised egg to imlant and produce enough of the pregnancy hormone. It is better to wait at least 2 weeks.

Can pregnancy detect in week after intercourse?

No, you need to wait 14 days (two weeks) after intercourse to determine pregnancy.

Can you use pregnancy test kit after 7 days of intercourse?

It is best if you wait until 14 days after intercourse.

After how long is pregnancy detected?

Approximately 14 days after intercourse, pregnancy can be detected.

Can you take birth controle 5 days after sex to stop pregnancy?

No, it will not stop pregnancy after intercourse!

Can a pregnancy test show an accurate result after 19 days?

19 days after intercourse may result in a accurate pregnancy test.

Can you be pregnant if you had intercourse took place 20 days after your period ended?

Wait another ten days to see if you get your normal period. Then, you can take a pregnancy test to be certain.

Are there any symptoms of pregnancy 3 days after intercourse?

no there are no signs of pregnancy until a period of two weeks after intercourse. unless you have missed a period in that case hahaha

Intercourse 3 days before ovulation?

Could result in pregnancy.

Can Low stomach pains 4 days after intercourse be a sign of pregnancy?

yes you are very lucky to have an intercourse hahaa

How soon after intercourse can you take a in home pregnancy test?

You can take a pregnancy test 14 days after sex.

What is the earliest you can find out you are pregnant.com?

You can get a positive pregnancy test as early as 9 days after intercourse but your most accurate results will be at least 14 days after intercourse.

Could a blood test tell you if you are pregnant just days after you've had intercourse?

Not usually. It normally takes a couple weeks for the pregnancy hormone to show up in a blood test.

How many hours does it take to confirm pregnancy?

You should wait at least 14 days after intercourse to confirm pregnancy.

Can you be pregnant within five days of having had intercourse?

It is possible. Conception occurs within 5-7 days after intercourse. Although you will not be able to detect pregnancy at this point. You should wait at least two weeks after intercourse before receiving an accurate home-pregnancy test.

Can you experience cramps of pregnancy 2 days after intercourse?

It is not likely. It can take up to four days after intercourse for conception (the success of the sperm fertilizing the egg) to even occur.

How can a couple use fertility awareness methods to conceive a child or to prevent pregnancy?

In the female menstrual cycle, there are only 2-3 days in which a woman can conceive a child. Conception can be facilitated or avoided by not having intercourse on these days.

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