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Can you take a protected species out of Australia as a pet?

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No ... that is why they are called "protected species" in the first place. They are protected from removal from that country. Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints.

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Is the sugar glider a protected species?

Although the sugar glider is not endangered, it is protected in Australia, and may not be kept as a pet here - which is as it should be.

How can you buy a rock wallaby live pet?

You may not have a rock wallaby as a pet. They are protected animals, with some species being endangered.

Are ligers protected species?

No they are not protected, they in truth are not a species. They are a man made hybrid produced as a novelty for tourist attractions and the pet trade. They do not occur naturally in the wild so they do not require conservation.

Can a koala be a pet in Australia?

No. Koalas may not be kept as pets anywhere, and that includes Australia. Koalas are natibe animals which are protected by law.

Can you keep an echidna as a pet?

No. Echidnas are protected native animals in Australia, and may not be kept as pets.

How can you have a kiwi as a pet?

You cannot have a kiwi as a pet. These flightless birds, most species of which are endangered, are protected under New Zealand legislation. No-one anywhere may have one as a pet.

Where can you get a koala?

You can't. Koalas are protected native animals of Australia. No one is permitted to keep one as a pet.

Would a Smooth Snake make a good pet?

You don't say where you are BUT - in the UK the Smooth Snake (which is actually a leg-less lizard) is a PROTECTED species ! It is ILLEGAL to take them from the wild !

Can you have a pet owl?

Answer:Certain rarer species of owls may be protected but, in general, I do not believe that there is a prohibition against keeping an owl as a pet.Another Answer:If you live in the US you cannot legally own a native owl species. Owls from other places of the world are perfectly legal, unless they are endangered and protected.

Is it legal to have a pet cottontail rabbit in Oklahoma?

No, Cottontails are a NATIVE wild species which means they are protected in all 50 states.

Are platypuses illegal outside Australia as Zoo animals too?

It is not only illegal to have a pet platypus outside Australia; it is also illegal for Australians to have a pet platypus. Like all Australia's native wildlife, the platypus is protected by law. It is an effort to protect the species and ensure they are not subject to abuse or degradation of their freedom and natural instincts (like the sugar gliders held in captivity overseas are).

Can you keep a wombat as a pet?

No. Wombats are a protected native species, and a special licence is required, available only to approved native animal carers.

Is it illegal to own a baby turtle in the state of Idaho?

Some turtle species are protected, but a common turtle bought at a pet store is not illegal.

Might Wombats one day be the pet of the future?

This is extremely unlikely. They are protected native animals of Australia and may not be kept as pets anywhere.

Pet turtle lifespan?

It depends on what species of turtles it is and how well you take care of it.

Can a koala be kept as a pet in the United States?

No. It is illegal to have a koala as a pet anywhere in the world. They are protected, native animals of Australia, and there are severe restrictions on zoos keeping them, let alone private individuals. It does not matter which country of the world you are in: you may not have a pet koala. Quite simply, koalas are a protected species. This means it is illegal to have a koala. Few people understand the needs of a koala, and opening up native (or, as in the case overseas, exotic) animals to being owned as pets leads the way to abuse.

Are carpet snakes unique to Australia?

They are certainly an indigenous species - in that they are native to Australia. They have, however, been exported to other countries and are available from many exotic pet shops.

Can you have a possum as a pet?

No. True possums are native animals of Australia, and protected by law. They may not be kept as pets. In New Zealand, where they have been introduced, possums are pests: one would not want to have a possum as a pet there.

Can you have a bilby as a pet?

No. The bilby is an endangered native marsupial of Australia. Native animals are protected by law, and in most cases may not be kept as pets. The bilby may not be kept as a pet under any circumstances.

Is it a rule to kill endangered animals?

Most animals that are listed on an official endangered species lists with a status of endangered, are protected by laws and regulations. They are protected, or regulated in trapping, hunting, capture, and trade in the pet market.

Can you keep a pet possum?

No. Possums are native to Australia and are protected by law in that country. They should not be confused with opossums of North America, which are very different creatures.

How long do pet fish live?

This depends on what species you buy and how well you take care of them.

Can you keep an Egyptian Tortoise as a pet in NSW Australia with a class 1 reptile licence?

No. Exotic (that is, non-native) species of most reptiles, and certainly tortoises, are prohibited in Australia.

Is sugar glider use for a pet?

Yes, sugar gliders are used for pets.Note: In Australia, the sugar glider's country of origin, it is illegal to have a sugar glider as a pet. Sugar gliders are protected native animals.

Are all 6 species of gliders in Australia domesticated?

Absolutely not. Australia has very strict laws about keeping its native wild animals. It is fortunate, for the gliders, that no species of glider is allowed to be kept as a pet in Australia.In addition, there are only five species of glider in Australia:mahogany gliderfeathertail gliderlesser glider (also known as the yellow bellied glider)greater glidersquirrel glider