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You need to read the leaflet to find out for definite or speak to your doctor. Taking medication which your not allowed to during pregnancy can cause birth defects or miscarriage.

No it is NOT ok to take Zoloft or other anti-depressants while pregnant. They cause all sorts of birth-defects and should be avoided. My wife was prescribed Zoloft while she was pregnant because of her mood swings and hormone levels going out of wack so she was acting really horrible. Well the doctor prescribed her Zoloft and now my son has a heart murmur and has very very bad violent outbursts and other strange behavior and it's like it's not even him when he is doing it. He is only 2 years old as of march 16th 2011. Now that all these stories are popping up of people having the same problems with their children for taking it while they were pregnant is starting to freak me out. I don't want him to have to go through life with these problems. We didn't understand why or where he was getting all this from and well now we know.

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Q: Can you take anti-depressants such as Zoloft while pregnant and what if you took them before you found out you were pregnant?
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i drank a lot before I found out I was pregnant, the day I actually found out I had alcohol in my hand. My child had hydrocephalus, however, it wasn't caused my drinking, and it went away at 38 wks.

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Well last year of 2/24/07 I found out I was pregnant and I had a period before .

If you accidentally take birth control while pregnant will it hurt the baby?

No because the pill is just estrogen. I was eight weeks along before I found out I was pregnant and the whole time I continued to take my birth control pill. The baby was healthy. ( I spotted and thought it was my period, that's why I was so far before I found out!)

Is it safe to take Zoloft and provigil?

Probably, but why take these two together? In other words, on my Ritalin information sheet, it says not to take zoloft (that's sertraline, right?) with it. Yet, my doctor prescribed it and apparently, doctors (generally) seem to love to prescribe zoloft with stimulants. But many of us have found that zoloft cancels the uplifting effects (for example, in the case of Ritalin with zoloft). I have never tried zoloft with Provigil, which is not a stimulant per se. Per my experience, I can't see why you would need an anti-depressant with Provigil, which for me, was very mood uplifting. But that's me, and I am more in the anxiety and ADD/HD category than depression. Upshot: I will never try zoloft again, period!. But if you really love zoloft, maybe try the combo after reading the contraindications first, and/or asking a psy-doctor or neurologist.

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I don't know, but I think itmight have effects on the baby.

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youre going to tell someone immedietley

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first before you become pregnant learn how to spell it , it is very unlikely that you would be pregnant if the urine tests were negative , impossible if the blood tests were negative

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