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You could probably sue the parents and juvenile for slander if you can demonstrate it's harming his social status or causing true anguish. It's sad that it would come to that, but it would get them to stop harming your child. Check with your local clerk of the court at the courthouse and they can walk you through the civil suit procedure. * It is not likely that the plaintiff would prevail in such a suit even if the court agreed to hear it. Generally the plaintiff must prove that the parties involved have suffered damages which have resulted in financial loss. Since the incident involves minors, the plaintiff would have to prove that the alledged victim had suffered physical and/or emotional damage that caused the parents financial loss in terms of medical care.

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Q: Can you take legal action against a 13-year-old and her parent for spreading malicious rumors about your 13-year-old son if it is causing mental anguish to the boy's family?
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