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Nyquil night time cold and flu does not affect how well Depo Provera works. Most medications do not affect Depo.

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Does NyQuil affect depo provera?

There are no known drug interactions between Nyquil and Depo Provera.

What are things you shouldn't do while your on the depo shot?

There are no activity restrictions when you're on Depo Provera.

Does a person who takes depo shot get there period normally like when they were not using depo?

Not usually. Most women do not experience periods while on Depo.

If you are gaining weight while you are on the depo and then you stop using the depo will you get back to your normal weight?

I have alot of friends that were on the depo shot. They gained about 5-10lbs while on it. After they got off of it they lost the weight. Well, some of them did.

Can you get a hysterectomy when you are still on Depo-Provera?

Yes, you can get a hysterectomy while Depo Provera is still in effect.

How do you stop bleeding while on Depo-Provera?

you can not stop your period it depends on your body and how it interact with the depo

Can you still get your period while on the depo shot?

although you shouldn't but it can happen, after your 5th depo you shouldn't have a period.

Did anyone keep headaches while on the depo shot?

Depo Provera lists headache as a potential side effect.

What does it mean when you bled a little bit while on depo?

Bleeding on depo provera is a side effect, and has no special meaning.

Can you have a miscarriage if you're on Depo-Provera?

Pregnancy is not likely if you are using Depo Provera as directed, getting your shots on time. Depo Provera does not cause miscarriage or affect a pregnancy if you accidentally get it while you're pregnant or get pregnant while using it.

Does Adderall affect Depo-Provera?

No, you can take Adderall while using the Depo shot, so long as you have a prescription for them.

What if you get pregnant while you're on depo provera?

Depo Provera will not harm or end the pregnancy. There are no reports of increase birth defects or affects of development from children conceived on Depo Provera or whose mothers were unknowingly pregnant when they got Depo Provera. So, if you get pregnant while using Depo Provera, or if you find out you accidentally got a shot while you're already pregnant, you can still decide to continue or terminate the pregnancy without special concerns.

Is it common for your period to come while being on the depo shot?

When you're on Depo Provera, you don't ovulate, and so don't get a real period. However, some women have bleeding or spotting while using Depo Provera. This is a common side effect.

Can depo run out early I never have a period while on depo but a week before its supposed to end i am bleeding with period pains ect Is this the depo running out?

Yes it is the depo running out because the same thing happens to me. and my doctor told me it was also a sign.

Is it possible to become pregnant while or after depo without having a period?

It's possible, but unlikely, to get pregnant on Depo Provera. After stopping Depo Provera, you can get pregnant before your next period starts.

How can you conceive while on depo?

Hopefully, you will not conceive while you are on depo, since it is a drug that you should not have while pregnant since it may cause birth defects. Wait until you have a good home situation before becoming pregnant.

Can you smoke while on depo provera?

Smoking will not alter the effectiveness of Depo Provera. However it goes without saying that you would be healthier if you stopped :-)

Can you get pregnant 2 weeks before you get your depo?

It is possible, but not likely, to get pregnant while on Depo Provera. If you are getting your shots on time, you are well protected.

Smelly discharge while on the depo shot?

Since I've been on depo I've had a lot of clear discharge that smells unusual too

Why can't you get the depo shot while you're pregnant?

Depo provera is birth control, meant to prevent pregnancy. It is of no use to a pregnant woman.

Is it possible to randomy bleed while on the depo shot?

Unscheduled bleeding or spotting is a common side effect of depo provera. It improves with time.

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