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Can you take out a dead 1998 5.4 for a 2004 4.6 thinking about taking the motor and trans one time?


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March 26, 2014 5:48PM

it depends how you go about it, so the answer is yes and no.. take one out and drop it in, YES it will Bolt up but no it will not just run... you will need to pull all the sensors off the original engine and make sure they will work on the replacement, other parts that may need to be changed are the trigger wheels for the crank and cam sensors(they may be the same but best bet take them off and compare them) if one is different it could potentially blow the new motor, they control timing and fueling, its the computers way of knowing what valves are open and what position everything is in, you need to make sure to use as much of you original engine as possible to make the best of it. you best bet is to find another 5.4 you'll be giving up a bit of torque, power, reliability and gas mileage going to the smaller engine(smaller engine has to work harder to do the same thing the bigger engine did normally, so it will wear down faster and use more fuel and have less power), and if you have a truck or expedition you will regret it,r