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No, YOu must have an insurable interest and they must sign for it. There is an exception to that rule when a reletive buys coverage for a minor. They still must have an insurable interest. 4lifeguild

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Q: Can you take out life insurance on someone you don't know without their consent?
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What if you dont have insurance?

You don't have any protection without insurance.

Can the IRS charge your credit card without your consent?

I dont belive so.

If you drive someone else vehicle and they dont have insurance is this against the law?

Yes, It is always illegal to drive without your financial responsibility. It doe snot matter if it's your vehicle or someone else's

If im 14 and want a tatto without parent consent help?

I dont think that you hould get a tattoo without your parents permission.

Can you get car insurance to drive a car of someone in your family if you dont have a car?


Can a sixteen year old in Michigan have a baby without parental consent?

yes because teenagers get pregnant everyday and without parental consent some parents dont even know some are mistakes

A statement of consent form for your child to travel but dont know where his father is What do you do to ensure your child and you can travel without problems?

A statement of consent form for your child to travel

How do you make an insurance claim when someone hits you if you dont have insurance and they do?

You don't need to have insurance to collect on an insurance policy. Just call their claims department and they will get it started.The only issue is that in some states, such as New York, insurance is mandatory in order to register an automobile and be able to drive it. If you are in such a state, and you file a claim for an accident in which you did not have insurance, you could well be charged for driving without insurance and you would probably lose your license.

What happens when you get hit by a person without license but the car has insurance?

If you have car insurance ,police will never stop you even if you dont have driving license.

Can move out im 19?

I dont think theres a age on moving out.Without parental consent it is 18 in most countries

You have lived apart from your husband for six years but dont have a legal separation can you get a divorce without his consent?

Yes. You can't force someone to stay married to you. If they contest it, a hearing will be scheduled before a judge and the judge will decided if a divorce will be granted.

Can you leave home when your 16?

if you dont run away without your parents consent then no but if you have a job and could support yourself and can drive then you could.

Can insurance company take money out of your account if they have your card details without your permission?

i dont think so

Can a restricted driver drive while not on parents' insurance?

If you have your own. Otherwise it is illegal to drive without insurance...and if you cause an accident and dont have insurance to pay for it you will be in really really big trouble.

If you have insurance but dont have your insurance card with you during a police stop?

Some police will be nice and give you 24-48 hours to go home and get it and brinf it to the station. But they dont have to give you anything.. they can just charge you for driving without insurance. you can prove it to be untrue of coarse but its a pain

What happens no drivers license but car is insured in someone else's name and you are involved in car accident?

***UK answer*** Depends if the car is registered to your or the other person. If its your car then you will be done for driving with no insurance or driving whilst banned or driving with no license or a combination of the three. However if its not your car and you borrowed it you will again be charged with driving with no license and insurance, (If no license then you dont have insurance, the driver must be insured not the car) but whoever you got the car from could also be charged with knowingly allowing a vehicle to be driven illegally (illegally because you - the driver had no insurance and license), if you dont want to get the other person in trouble - or they may say you took it if they dont want the trouble - then you will probably be charged with TWOC (taking without consent) as well as no driving with no license and insurance. The other persons insurance may pay out if you are found to have taken the car without consent as most cars are insured for theft. However the owner will have to prove this and if there is reason for doubt they wont pay out - unless the police say you did it, but then you will be charged. If its your car and you just dont have insurance yet but (for example) your mate has insured it for him to use while you cant drive it then im afraid it looks like you may have a heavy bill for the other cars you damaged and also court costs and legal fees if you get arrested...not to mention the heavy fine you'll get!

Can a sixteen year old pregnant female and a seventeen year old male be married without parental consent in any US state where they are nonresidents?

i dont iguess ??????????????????????????????????????????? i dont iguess ???????????????????????????????????????????

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At the age of seventeen what state can somebody get married WITHOUT a parent consent?

i dont think there is one. your best bet would be New Hampshire

Can a Turkish man divorce an English woman without the English womans consent?

no i guess not i really dont know besides what kind of question is this?

Can your employer transfer you to another location without your consent?

not if you dont want to work for him any more or if you have a contract concerning location. otherwise Yes.

Can someone confiscate your property if you dont occupy it?

not without rightful compensation, as said in the constitution

Can you buy a car and register under your name if you dont have ss no?

most states now require anyone who buys a car to have insurance and without that you cannot title it and you cannot get insurance without a social security number or drivers license