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Yes if u have a webcam

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Q: Can you take photos from a laptop?
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How do you see photos on laptop computer?

how do I view photo cd's on my laptop

Why would you use a multimedia card on a laptop?

You would use this because you might use the card to use in your camera to take photos then you can just take it out of the camera and put it into your laptop again to view, edit, copy move and print the photos you might have took

How do you transfer photos from your Android phone to your laptop?

There is probably an app, but I send a text message of the photos to my email & open it up on my laptop and then save it from there.

How do you transfer photos from memory stick to computer?

transfer photos from memory stick to my laptop

How do you transfer photo fromlaptoptofacebook?

In order to transfer photo from laptop to Facebook you will need to upload the photos. Facebook will provide you with the option to choose photos from your laptop.

Should you get a laptop or a tablet for viewing your photos?

If viewing your photos is all you ever do, a tablet would be more convenient. If you also manipulate or edit the photos, you might want a laptop instead. And if you also edit or type text, you DEFINITELY want a laptop rather than a tablet.

How can you pass your camera photos to your laptop?

You can get a usb cable to link your camera if it has a miniature usb socket on it. Or you can take out the memory card and plug it into your laptop which probably has a special socket for it (Toshiba and HP have them).

Do you copy photos from a laptop PC to a DVD or a CD?


If a unknown person play with your personal laptop then what you do?

If an unknown person plays with your personal laptop, you can install tracking programs to take photos of the person from the laptop camera or even track keystrokes. You can then call the police if this person is stealing your private information.

How do you transfer photos from my laptop to disc?

If you laptop has a CD drive put the CD in to it and then you would select the photos that you want right click and then click burn to disc. If your laptop doesnt have a CD drive then I suggest that you put it on a flash drive and try it on a computer or laptop that does have a CD drive

What type of laptop should i buy for downloading movies photos and songs especially?

You should bye a apple laptop.

How can a mobile be connected to Laptop?

Using BlueTooth , U can send photos , videos , games and anything else to the laptop . But your Laptop must have bluetooth =D

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