Can you take prednisolone 5mg in an emergency?


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I take 5mg of Prednisone every day and It hasn't killed me yet. however prednisone is a drug that has some side effects if taken constantly. 5 mg is a relatively low dose.


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can u take diflofenac with prednisolone

If this is an emergency this is the wrong place. I suggest you call the emergency room and ask.

It is possible to take these medications together.รŠ It would be best to have you doctor check the dosages and be sure that your body can tolerate any side effects.

take paracetamol with predisalone

You would take Warfarin 5mg to prevent or treat blood clots.

The reason you should not take ibuprofen and prednisolone together is that it increases the risk of stomach ulcers. Only do so if you discuss it first with your doctor.

can you take paracetomol if your on prenisnlone steroid

There are no known interactions with alcohol and prednisolone however always take caution whilst taking any prescription drugs and alcohol at the same time.

Yes. For precise measurement, a pill splitter should be used. (These can be purchased at almost any local pharmacy for just a few dollars.) Long-acting tablets should not be split. However, a 5 mg prednisolone tab may be split.

yes i regularly take 70mg

Yes it is. Be sure and check with your doctor. I take .5mg of Alprazolam and 5mg of Melatonin together.

its not any safer or more dangerous to do ecstasy while taking prednisolone the two drugs don't react with each-other

Yes. You can take them together. It is presumed that prednisolone is prescribed to you by your doctor.

It can be done but only on recommendation of the doctor. The problem with this combination is that warfarin increases the risk of bleeding, and prednisolone increases the risk of bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract.

can you take tizanidine hcl 4mg with clonazepam .5mg

according to, there appears to be no significant drug interactions

Yes, I have been taking Lexapro 5mg in am and pm for two years. However I got very bad effects from trying the cheaper generic equivalent.

4 mg methylprednisolone is equivalent to 5 mg prednisolone.

No, you should only take the recommended dosage on the bottle of melatonin.

can you take Haldol 5mg and Lorazepam 2 mg together

5 mg of diazapam is perfect for anxiety.I have tried 10mg and its to strong.In my opinion when i take a 5mg for my anxiety its perfect.I do not take them every day only when i feel my anxiety coming.

Please let me know what is prednisolone for, i am having rashes, do i need to take prednisolone? The best thing for you to do is consult your GP. I took Prednisolone on two different occasions for two very different reasons. 1. I was diagnosed with Belles Palsey when I was carrying my youngest child. This is a type of Paralyses in the face, neck and arm. I took Prednisolone to stop my entire Immune system, this was to prevent the over-reacting it had caused. 2. I was given Prednisolone after I had an asthma attack, to help stop the weezing because the Ventolin puffer wasn't working. Speak to your GP, as you can see, two very different sitruations, same steroid same outcome - IT WORKED.

Yes, they don't interact. Just follow normal dosage instructions.

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