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Can you take prenatal vitamins without being pregnant?

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Yes. Many women take prenatal vitamins when they are planning to become pregnant. This helps get their body ready for the pregnancy. You can, but I would ask a Dr. first. Some Dr.'s reccommend you take them before you decide to get pregnant, and while you are trying to get pregnant. Good Luck!

2006-08-02 16:44:41
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Q: Can you take prenatal vitamins without being pregnant?
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Can you take prenatal vitamins without being or planning on being pregnant?

yes; they are similar to daily vitamins

What can you do with being weak in the early stages of pregnancy?

Prenatal vitamins is what i recomend .

Is it normal when you are pregnant if you eat less but drink more liquid?

i think u can say that it is a side effect of being pregnant i did this the entire time i was pregnant my drs said it was nothing to worry about as long as i still ate and took my prenatal vitamins

Is it okay to take prenatal vitamins while being pregnant?

Yes!!!! Please take the vitamins. The vitamins contain an essential nutrient called Folic Acid. Folic Acid is important to the devloping baby. The Folic Acid helps the proper formation of the baby, including the spine. It also helps in the proper formaion of cells.

Does your hair grow during pregnant?

If anything, your hair grows longer, faster. As long as you're taking your prenatal vitamins, your hair will grow faster, your nails will grow longer and better, and your skin will look more beautiful than ever. The joys of being pregnant!

Can teens take prenatal vitamins?

if you're pregnant, yes. although i should think it would do no harm to take them when NOT pregnant. However the vitamins are specifically for pregnant women and so the vitamins in it would be of a different recommended daily amount, you should check the label first and see what % of your RDA for each vitamin it has because for some vitamins for example Zinc, continually being on a high dosage of it can cause your blood to stop absorbing copper and iron .....etc. Basically, jsut check the label before taking any.

Is prenatal massage popular?

More so if client is in pain or has had a massage prior to being pregnant

If a women take prenatal pills and not pregnant will she symptoms as if she pregnant?

She might express symptoms while not actually being pregnant. But it means something physical might be going on that a doctor should look at.

Can you take prenatal vitamins and regular vitamins at the same time?

Well I guess technically that is up to you, so you can, but there is no reason too.(that is if by "regular vitamins" you mean a regular multivitamin) You end up taking more vitamins than you liver can process and could end up being a strain on your system. Other supplements may be fine if approved by your doctor i.e. fish oil supplements, vitamin c etc. in conjunction with your prenatal. Always consult your physician

Can you take prenatal vitamins without being pregnant to improve hair?

Prenatal vitamins will not harm you if you are not pregnant. You can certainly take them, but they will not improve the health of your hair. Pregnant women have improved hair health due to the extra hormones secreted during pregnancy not the vitamins. I've been pregnant twice. I'm currently still taking prenatals because I'm nursing and my hair was in horrible shape due to the plummet in hormones after giving birth. Also prenatal vitamins are actually a lower dose than a multi-vitamin. You might want to look into taking a good multi-vitamin and some hair supplements from a health food store. Sometimes there is an underlying medical condition causing hair problems. If your hair has taken a drastic change I suggest you visit a phyiscian immediately and have a complete physical done to rule out thyroid or other endocrine disorders. Also diet, stress, sleep, exercise all play a role in the health of your hair. You should increase your protein intake, and fresh fruit and vegetable intake. Also try adding flaxseed to your diet. Changing an unhealthy diet will do more than any supplement. After doing these things I've noticed a big change in my hair health. Good Luck!

Do pre natal vitamins cause weight gain if not pregnant?

*It is recommended to be under doctor supervision while on prenatal vitamins. Prenatal vitamins have been reported in many women as causing weight gain despite regularly exercising & eating the way they had before. Due to the fact that many of these vitamins come in different dosages results can vary. Some symptoms in association with taking prenatal vitamins include decrease in appetite, headaches, muscle pain & aches, constipation/& or diarrhea, nausea, upset stomach, & could even potentially effect the liver negatively due to unintentionally overloading the liver with iron or other vitamins. Due to iron therapy it could even cause metal toxicity & if you have black or tarry stools you are recommended to see a doctor immediately. Many women who are not yet pregnant yet are taking birth control (especially over the counter ones) have been reporting weight gain, nausea, and headaches - yet due to ignorance in the medical community are being told that it is not due to changes in their vitamin intake. Most don't have side effects, thus they cannot relate that to the percentage that do. If you are keeping a healthy diet, & a healthy lifestyle (similar as before you had started the prenatal vitamins) & you experience weight gain or notice anything out of the ordinary - you might be experiencing them due to your body adjusting to the vitamins. Many women swear that they are experiencing weight gain despite keeping their previous life style. Although doctors are not infallible & may have differing opinions due to lack of research or updated knowledge on prenatal vitamins, you must still always talk with your doctor before & while on prenatal vitamins. It is recommended by many of the manufacturers -of- prenatal vitamins along by most other doctors. Not everyone has side effects, but there is a percentage that does. Educate yourself & always listen to your body. If you need a second opinion - get it. If you need a third opinion, get one, but always educate yourself. Doctors cannot feel or experience what you do, you are your biggest advocate for a healthy life.

What are some signs of being pregnant without a missed period and without morning sickness?

If you have not missed a period it is unlikely you are pregnant.

Can you breatsfeed without ever being pregnant?


Can a girl lactate without being pregnant?

no of course not

If you dont take prenatal vitamins will you miscarry?

That alone will not CAUSE you to miscarry, but the vitamins do help slightly to prevent a miscarriage, mostly the point of the vitamins are to replenish thenutrients that are lost from morning sickness, loss of appetite, and what is being redirected to the baby. They also give the baby the right nutrients needed to properly from and be healthy after delivery.

Will a horse have milk if not pregnant?

Yes, a mare can lactate without being pregnant or nursing a foal, although this is rare. Usually a mare that is lactating without being pregnant or with a foal by her side, has a hormone imbalance that needs to be corrected.

Can a horse have milk if she is not pregnant?

Yes, a mare can lactate without being pregnant or nursing a foal, although this is rare. Usually a mare that is lactating without being pregnant or with a foal by her side, has a hormone imbalance that needs to be corrected.

Can a girl can suck your penis without being pregnant?


What does get a girl into trouble mean?

to get her pregnant without being married

Can a dog get pregnant without being in heat?

I personally breed American pit-bull terriers and once and a blue moon i mean 1 in 100000000 they will get pregnant without being in heat.

Can you secrete juice from nipples without getting pregnant?

Yes. Too much hormone production can cause lactating of the breasts without being pregnant.

When to use gynaecosid?

When you have amenorrhea (Absence of menstruation) without being pregnant.

Can rabbits get pregnant without being mounted by the buck?

Highly unlikely.

If you are taking birth control pills and become pregnant continue to take the pills can it harm the baby?

If you ARE pregnant- you have no need to take birth control, you cannot get 'more pregnant' by not taking them or anything like that. Stop taking the birth control pills and start taking prenatal vitamins. Studies are linking birth control pills to being harmful to your baby- but even if they are not harmful- why continue to take them if you are already pregnant? Again, you cannot get pregnant with multiple babies at once like one now, one in a month or anything like that. Once you are pregnant, you are pregnant and birth control will not do anything positive for your little one and is pointless to continue using.

Are there disease you get from being a teen and pregnant?

Usually you do not get disease while pregnant. Some women may experience prenatal diabetes but other than that there isn't anything that commonly occurs. Although you cannot get diseases from becoming pregnant, you can get sexually transmitted diseases (STD's) from having sex.