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I take Seroquel and Klonopin together. My Psychiatrist prescribed the Seroquel for sleep, and he prescribed the Klonopin for anxiety / panic. Taken together, it can be a bit more sedating, but there are no risks as far as interactions go.

I would be careful with drinking too much alcohol while on both Klonopin and Seroquel, however.

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Can you take klonipin and methadone together?

klonipin and methadone can i take both together

Can you take Vyvanse and seroquel together?

vyvanse in the morning and seroquel at night

Can you take seroquel and Tylenol together?

Seroquel is in a class of medications known as anti psychotics. Tylenol is a fever reducer and a mild pain reliever. It is safe to take Seroquel and Tylenol together.

Can you take seroquel and Ambien together safely?

I take 400mg Seroquel and 10mg Ambien and i have never had any adverse reactions personally.

What happens if you take seroquel with methadone?

nothing seroquel and methadone are prescribed together quite frequently.

How long do klonipin stay in your system?

"How long do klonipin stay in your system?" and does klonipin test positive in a drug test, and if so is it cocaine or barbituates or opiates even?

What is the difference between Seroquel and Seroquel XR?

Seroquel is the initial version of the drug, Seroquel XR is a sustained-release version useful because you will only need to take one dose daily as opposed to multiple doses of plain Seroquel.Seroquel XR means extended release while Seroquel refers to the ordinary one.

Can you take suboxone and klonipin?

yes you can take suboxone and klonipin, but only if your doctor oks it. taking too much of any benzo while taking suboxone can have adverse side effects,including death. so be careful and consult with a physician.

Is it safe to take 100mg seroquel and 250mg depakote er together?

I take 400mg Seroquel and 500mg of Depakote 2x a day, no problems.

Is it dangerous to take 50 mgs of seroquel with 110 mgs of methadone?

is it dangerousfor me to take 50 mgs of seroquel with 110 mgs of methadone

Can you take amoxicillin with seroquel?

yes my doctor has me on 500mg twice a day and 400mg of seroquel once a day

Can you take percocet and seroquel together?

Seroquel and percocet should NOT be taken together. **Please speak to your pharmacist about it.**

Can you take your seroquel with a psilosbin?

No. This is a bad combination.

Can you take sertraline with seroquel?

Yes you can, I am currently on Sertraline 150mg and Seroquel 100mg. I am taking this for Major Depressive Disorder.

Can you take aspirin with seroquel?

Aspirin and Seroquel have no serious documented interactions, so you should be safe taking them together.

Can you take seroquel and MDPV?

Yes you can but it does not work if ur taken the seroquel to fall asleep it won't work at all

Can you take a laxative while on Klonopin?

Yes you can, Klonipin can make you constiopated so many doctors tell you to take a laxative while on klonipin. Hope this was helpful the laxative has nothing to do with your nerves so there is no reason why taking both would cause you any harm.

Can you take Ibuprofen with Seroquel?

Yes, a person can take the otc drug ibuprofen with the prescribed drug Seroquel. They are not known to have any adverse interactions or side effects.

Can you take Tylenol head cold if you took seroquel two days ago because of the maoi?

Seroquel is NOT a maoi, you can take Tylenol without any problem.

Is it safe to take seroquel?

Yes it is safe to take seroquel. However it tends to make you extremely drowsy. Follow all guidelines in the pamphlet that came with your prescription

Can you take phenobarbital and seroquel together?

No, you cannot take phenobarbital and seroquel together. Phenobarbitol decreases the level or effect of quetiapine oral by altering drug metabolism.

Can you take seroquel with zyprexa?

My psychiatrist said that Seroquel and Zyprexa target different receptors to an extent. So, you can take both. When I was in the psyche ward, the staff psychiatrist gave me zyprexa and seroquel together at night. Personally, I got a lot of energy from taking seroquel and zyprexa together that night and refused to do it again.

Can you take seroquel and Celexa together?

well if it helps my phdoc has me on 40 ml celexa and 50ml of seroquel. seems to be a good combination for me i feel okay through the day and sleep well at night. i take celexa in the morning and seroquel at bedtime.

What is an alternative to Seroquel for Anxiety?

This is simply not true. Many antidepressants can actually INCREASE anxiety, though your body may vary. Buspar is something worth giving a shot, as well as Benadryl. There are also the old and trusted Klonipin, Xanax, and Ativan, though those have a risk of addiction--particularly Xanax. Most antidepressants help with anxiety. Seroquel is strong stuff.

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