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Can you take suboxone and oxycodone together?

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August 14, 2012 2:34AM

Yes, however it won't do much good so pay attention to the following caveats:

1) If you take the suboxone BEFORE the oxy, then you won't get much, if anything out of the oxy since the suboxone is already hanging on to the receptor in your brain. Buprenorphine, the active ingredient in suboxone, is VERY competitive for the receptor. That being said...

2) If you take the suboxone less than 24 hours AFTER the oxy, prepare yourself for HELL. I have done this accidentally and it causes precipitate withdrawals. What happens is that the Suboxone knocks t Oxy he off your receptor very quickly, causing you to go into some nasty withdrawals. If you have done this by accident, however, don't worry too much. You'll suffer vomiting for about 30 minutes and then about a day's worth of sweating, but you should be ok. Check with your prescriber.
Suboxone has a pain blocker in it so it would not do you ant good to take the oxycodone with it, not only would you not feel it but it could possibly send you into withdrawals.