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Everyone can take the SAT's over. The potential school may want to see all of your SAT scores, but if the first scores were very poor the first time it could be helpful. However, in our state, once a student has successfully completed collegecourses, that matters more than standardized tests. Keep in mind standardized test are designed to measure success in college, so if you are succeeding in college, that is what matters. A community/junior college may be an option you want to look at if it other colleges are not accepting you. Hope that helps

For me, when I transferred the only thing they were interested in was my grades at my last school. However there may be state or school placement tests that you can be exempt from by improving your SAT score. What matters most is your transcript.

The SAT and ACT are college admissions tests that are given to high school students. If you are applying to another college, they will not be interested in seeing an improved SAT or ACT score. Their concern will be with your college courses and the grades you received in each. They may also want to see some teacher recommendations from colleges and know why you are interested in attending their school.

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Q: Can you take the SATs again after going to college for a few years to get a better score and apply to another college?
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