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it wont have as low of #"s but you would have to change the inatke and than it would have a vacuum egr but its a big feat is there something wrong with the tpi? like why would u want to do that?

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2006-04-08 01:46:42
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Q: Can you take the TPI and computer off a 86 305 put on carb and still pass emission test?
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How I reset the computer to pass emission on a ford escort 1998?

disconnect the battery for a good ten mins

If you reset the service engine soon light by disconnecting the battery will it pass emission test or will it not pass until you drive it awhile to reboot the computer?

It will most likely fail until the computer has done all of its self diagnostics, that can take a week.

Will a 3.5 chrysler pass emission test if the code is p0140?

No it will not.

Will a car pass ON emission test with check engine light on?

No, it will not.

Does e250 cargo van 98 have to pass the emission ga?

I have a 1999 E350 cargo van and it does not require emission testing

Can your car pass emission inspection with a hole in the muffler in new york?


What is smoke belcher?

A vehicle that emits high air pollutants; did not pass the national emission standard. The term originated from the Philippines.

Can vehicle pass emission testing with bad 02 sensor on Chevy venture?

Most likely NOT.

Does 2012 vehicle need to have emissions test?

In the state of Arizona, yes. Most states will require newer vehicles to pass emission testing if you live/work in a metropolitan area. If you live out in the sticks but your full time work is in a metropolitan city then you still must pass emissions testing.

How many egr valves in a Chevy 305?

1. Pass., side, on the intake, below the carb.

What does the check gauge light mean on a 96 Chevy c1500?

It means the vehicle will not pass an emission test.

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