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Yes, but make sure it's a at&t pay as you go phone. I did it when my good phone died.

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Yes. At&t bought the cingular company for 42 billion dollars. I still have my cingular sim card till today and i pay my bills to at&t

Cingular stores offer all of the benefits that the Cingular online services offer but with a human touch. You can pay bills, pick out a new phone, or even transfer contacts between phones.

Verizon phones do not work with SIM cards. My Blackberry curve is Verizon, which doesn't use SIM cards but there is a slot for a SIM card so I would imagine you could.

The companies that offer cingular pay as you go phones include, but are not limited to Cingular One (now called AT&T) and Verizon. Singular prepaid GoPhones offer pay as you go and pick your plan prepaid payment options and a variety of phone models, making them a popular choice for prepaid phones.

will a sim card from a contracted phone still work as a contract,were you get a phone bill for phone calls used,when the contracted phone sim is put in a pay as you go phone

No A phone card usually refers to a kind of charge card, something you pay with. A SIM-card is what gives a cell phone its number, it's identity.

== == You can pay your AT&T phone bill in person at an AT&T store using cash, credit, or check. You can also pay the bill over the phone using a credit card or online using a credit card. If you have a cell phone, you can also pay by dialing "*PAY" (minus the quotation marks, of course) from your cell and then following their instructions.

No. Cingular's (now AT&T's) network and Nextel's network are incompatible.

The pay-by-phone or sms options are available for you. You can also use a debit card or pay-by-cash.

You can pay your credit card bill by check through the mail, use your bank accounts bill pay system to pay electronically or use a debit card to pay by phone or on the credit card companies website.

No, you can not use a Verizon provided phone on a Cingular network, unless it is an unlocked phone. Most of cell phones you get with service provider (e.g. Verizon) plans and deals are locked to that particular network and can not be used with another service provider's network unless you unlock the phone.AnswerAlso - Cingular (now AT&T) is a GSM carrier and Verizon Wireless is a CDMA carrier. Each uses different cell phone technology making them incompatable. You can use an AT&T phone and switch it to a go phone once your contract runs out or visa versa. Sometimes pay as you go phones are the best option.

WFN PBP is what Wells Fargo National Pay-By-Phone uses in the transaction line of a debit card/credit card/checking-by-phone statement when you use them to pay for something over the phone. The phone number for the bill-pay service is (800) 956-4442.

there is a phone# on the back of the first page of the bill, under pay my bill. or call 18007435000 & have them transfer you to pay by phone.

Pay for the extra services with a Virgin card on your phone

hi am i 13 going on 14 and i have a pay monthly phone and you can pay by cash or debit card and then you can set it up when it goes out of your bank so that is how it works

what is a pay-as-you-go-phone? Also known as a prepaid phone is a phone that does not require a monthly calling plan. You can buy these phones in almost any store or on the internet. With this type of phone, you decide how much you want to pay for your minutes. You can also use an unlocked phone as a prepaid. I bought one and installed the sim card, then I just get an att phone card from any store in whatever amount I want to pay.

Can I order a copy of my car title over the phone and pay with a credit card?

An unlocked phone can accept the SIM card from any cell phone provider. If you have an ATT SIM card, you can use it in an unlocked phone. A locked phone is created by the provider to force the use of its service; an unlocked phone can take any SIM card.

you buy a pre pay card or maybe pay the bill it depends the type of plan you got

Credit Card Pay off Use this calculator to see what it will take to pay off your credit card balance, and what you can change to meet your repayment goals.

Your credit card company. You should be able to call them and pay your bill/debt over the phone or be able to do it on the internet on your credit card company's website.

They have to take you to court to take anything from you.

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