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Yes: As long as you have another Cingular cellular phone, that uses the GSM technology, there is no problem* (the Apple iPhone is an exception to the rule).

Your SIM card is your "phone", the single object that provides celluar service service to you. The physical phone is simply a device. Without the SIM card, it's useless.

Cingular, now the New AT&T, uses the most common network in the world, called GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications), which is used in approximately 70% of the world. Therefore, essentially, you can put a Cingular SIM card into any GSM phone.*

* There are some stipulations that can alter this answer.

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Can you take the sim card out of your existing cingular phone and put it in a cingular go phone and have it work not as a go phone?

It will work as your existing phone.

Can you put your gophone sim card in another phone that is not cingular?

Well, the sim card works just like any other sim card in a CINGULAR phone, but if you have the unlock codes to your other phone, I'm sure it will work.

Can a Cingular phone be used with T-Mobile?

Technically speaking, a Cingular phone can be used with T-Mobile, as you only need to switch the SIM card. However, the phone may be locked to Cingular, in which you need to unlock it to be used with another GSM network.

Can you use a Cingular SIM card in a Tracfone?

On GSM Tracfones, if the phone has been unlocked a Cingular SIM card can be used. If the phone is a CDMA phone, no SIM cards can be used.

Can you use a Cingular Sim card in a t-mobile prepaid phone?

On some t-mobile phones you can use your cingular/at&t sims card,but on some phones after putting a t-mobile sims card in a cingular phone may cause the phone to lock up.....BUT u can unlock your phone by calling your network from another phone or logging on to your account on the internet(I PERFER CALLING YOUR NETWORK).You can also unlock it but putting another cingular sims card back in a cingluar phone then your phone should work correctly if still locked call your service provider but your t-mobile phone shouldn't get locked if u put a cingular sims card in it your phone should work perfectly fine but if not call u service provider.

Can you change your pcs phone to a cingular sim phone?

i have a pcs phone and i have an old cingular phone i really liked it has a sim card pcs does not can it be done

Can I take the sim card out of my existing cingular phone and put it in another cell phone and have it work?

absolutly if it is the same carrier Answer Yes, some new phones may warn you that you're not using the original sim card, but disregard that and you're ok. there's no reason why not.

Is it possible to use a prepaid Cingular Sim card in a Razor phone?

Yes if your Razr is from Cingular or unlocked. You can not use a T-Mobile Razor with Cingular prepaid sim card or Globaltravellersim prepaid international sim card unless your phone is unlocked.

Can you use a cingular sim card with a Verizon phone?


Can you use your cingular sim card in a tmobile phone?

tmobile usually locks their phones, so you would have to call and get it unlocked. Cingular doesn't usually lock their phones though, so the tmobile card should work in a cingular phone.

Can you put an i wireless sim card in a cingular phone?

yes, as long as the i wireless sim card fits!

What is a non cingular SIM card?

non cingular sim card

Can you take the sim card out of your existing alltel phone and put it in another phone and it still work?

i would believe you can...

I have a pay as you go cingular phone can i use any cingular phone preferably a better more stylish phone and just switch sim card?

Sorry, you can't. Hopefully someone will invent that sooner or later!

How to transfer information form a cingular Sim card to a new service phone?


How can you add minutes to a Cingular prepaid phone?

You can easily add minutes to a Cingular prepaid phone. You can do so from your actual cell phone if you have a payment option connected to your account. Otherwise, you can purchase a prepaid reload card in a store and load it to the device.

How do I program my son's cingular razor phone to be used for my account?

You can program your son's Cingular Razor Phone to be used for your AT&T account by switching out the SIM Card with a more recent one from AT&T. This way you don't have to buy a new phone.

Can you use your tmobile sim card with a cingular phone?

yes you can, all u have to do is call the company and tell them to unlock the phone then it sould work

Can you take the sim card out of your cingular phone and put it in a pay as you go phone?

Yes, but make sure it's a at&t pay as you go phone. I did it when my good phone died.

Can you take your sim card out of a contract phone and put it into another phone and have that phone as the contract phone?

Yes you can. The contract relates to the phone number - not the handset. So long as the new handset is on the same network - or has been unlocked - you can simply put your existing SIM card in the new phone.

What does the SIM card do to a phone?

the sim card does the connection to your phone to another phone

Can you take your t-moblie SIM card out of a Prepaid phone and put it in a cingular phone and make it work?

When you have a sim card most times you just pop out your sim card and put in any other phone. So I would say yes you can as long as it's not CDMA ( no sim card ) you will be fine.

Can you use a cingular SIM card in a prepay phone?

If you are a "post-paid" AT&T customer, then you should be able to just insert your SIM into the AT&T pre-paid phone. Internet is not guaranteed to work. If the phone is locked to another carrier, you will have to get a Subsidy Unlock Code from the old carrier first.

How do you transfer phone numbers from a Nextel cell phone sim card to a Cingular phone sim card?

One way would be to synchronize hte phones to a PIM on your PC, like outlook contacts. That's how I got my contacts from by Blackberry to my Treo 700w.

How do i get my cingular go phone sim card to work in an att wireless blackberry 7280?

Buy an unlock code from eBay for a few bucks.