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Can you take tramadol and Ativan together?

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You should really check with your doctor or pharmacist for this answer. These drugs are in the same class and if not prescribed by together by the same doctor, questions should be asked.

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My Doctor has had me on Tramadol and Ativan for about a year now. I have had no problems so far. I am on 50 mg. of Tramadol taken up to 4 times a day if needed, and 1 mg. of Ativan taken up to 4 times a day if needed.

Yes, you can take Aspirin and Tramadol together.

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yes ponstan and tramadol are fine to take together

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yes i take oxycodone with it and serazone and ativan..

No, antidepressants can interact poorly with the pain reliever tramadol.

No, you should avoid alcohol with Lithium and with Tramadol.

It is fine to take the drugs clonazepam and tramadol together. The side effects of the drugs will increase, so caution should be made.

No. Together they can cause more drowsiness.

No you should not take tramadol this close together unless you have been advised to do this by your Doctor.

No. These two can cause seizures when taken together.

i do not suggest the mixing of tramadol with substances other than marijuana. Even then, tramadol is deserved to be taken by it's lonesome.

Ativan and fioricet are both prescription drugs. A doctor or pharmacist will be able to let you know if the drugs can be taken together.

They compliment each other.

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