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Can you take your ex-boyfriend to court for sole custody of your children without a lawyer?


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You do not need a lawyer, but most family lawyers charge outrageous fees. I am a lawyer, and I for one am outraged at the prices they affix to such simple services. Unrepresented parties are considered pro se parties.

The answer is: yes, a parent can seek an order awarding him or her a sole physical custody, sole legal custody, or both. "Primary" is a more instructive term than "sole" as custody is often subject to visitation of the non-primary custodian. However, if child support is your goal, seeking primary physical custody is a good approach.

In most cases of this type, you need an experienced lawyer to help you prevail and and navigate the system. You are not just paying for legal expertise, but, unofficially, for the lawyer's connections. Often it is better for both parents to share custody, since that gives the kids access to two parents. It is important to be civil and to treat one another courteously and reasonably. Raising kids is labor intensive and is easier if you can cooperate.


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A custody lawyer will help you make decisions about the care and custody of your children in the event of a divorce or seperation.

You will need a lawyer to try and get you full custody of your children and your lawyer will have to prove your husband is abusive to his children. If you presently have duel custody of your children and you take the children to the UK you could be charged with kidnapping.

A custody lawyer would assist someone in a legal dispute over the custody of children. For example after a divorce where children are involved, there would usually be a custody hearing (court) where a custody lawyer would aid both parties in obtaining custody or partial custody of their children. (ownership if I might say)Added: Sounds like a generic-type slang name for an attorney who specializes in the paractice area of Family Law.

Your lawyer has already given you good advice and unless you have joint custody of children then you have every right to travel anywhere you choose. If you just have custody then you can take any children you have with you, but, if it is joint custody then legally you have to have written permission from the ex. If no children; hop on the plane and have a good time.

You need a lawyer. You can take the children out of the house & get her arrested. That would help.

* The best thing to do is see a lawyer and your husband's lawyer and your lawyer will decide who gets what and if any children are involved who they will live with or if there will be joint custody.

You do not need a lawyer when you have basic traffic violations. You need to get an attorney for anything regarding custody of your children or any major criminal offenses.

* If the father has full custody of the children, yes. * If he has partial or shared custody with the mother, it may be a violation of parental rights; that area is quite dicey, so talk to a lawyer. * If the father has no custody but does have visiting rights, then again, talk to your lawyer. * If the father has no rights to the children, then there is no crime committed.

a child custody lawyer is the same thing as a child advocate lawyer sort of. they are just children lawyers that fight for the child that is involved in an issue. so you have to get your degree in child advocate lawyer but you have to major in something, the best thing to major in would be social work or phycology.

"While a lawyer specializing in child custody would be great, most lawyers are qualified to handle child custody cases."

Just type in Pet Custody Lawyer in a search engine.

Most regions will allow a person to file for divorce without hiring an attorney. If there is nothing to contest, and no children or alimony to worry about, the divorce can proceed rather simply and be handled entirely without the expense of retaining a lawyer. If either part starts bickering about custody issues and/or property issues, then it becomes much more complex and a lawyer will be needed to sort everything out.

If the other party has an attorney I would say your chances are nil.

Depends on the circumstances. Legally step parents don't have any right to the step children. Speak to your lawyer about your chances.

It depends on your local laws. The first thing you have to do is get the advice of a lawyer. But after that, you'll have to file papers with the courts to have your brother declared as an unfit parent, and then file for custody of the children. There will more than likely be an investigation by children and family services before the children will be removed.

This question would be better addressed to your lawyer. Trying to handle this without a lawyer is very likely a grave mistake.

Get a lawyer and fight it out in court. If they were taken by the paternal father without you being served temporary custody papers, then it is illegal. No one can take your kids without a court order. If they were taken by the state because there is suspicion that you have abused them, the state will have to prove you are guilty before they can make it permanant. Like I said before, get a good lawyer.

If you and your husband have been separated for over a year and he is not paying child support, you must consult a lawyer and have a custody agreement before taking the children out of state.

Yes, Please contact a lawyer for more information

The issue of whether the custodial parent can move the children is very tricky. If you are lucky, it was covered in the custody settlement papers. You need to read the agreement to see if it is there. If not, you need to contact your custody lawyer or family court advisor, and see how you can get an amendment to the agreement papers.

Talking to his lawyer would be the best idea. You can then return to the judge and appeal that the order is not being followed, so perhaps custody should be changed (provided you can prove that you are responsible enough).

There are some things that you have to consider. You CAN get a divorce without a lawyer, but if you have Children or a lot of assets I'd advise against it. There are kits available in many book stores, or online to complete a divorce without a lawyer. It all really depends on how amicable (friendly) the split is.

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