Can you take your ex-boyfriend to court for sole custody of your children without a lawyer?

You do not need a lawyer, but most family lawyers charge outrageous fees. I am a lawyer, and I for one am outraged at the prices they affix to such simple services. Unrepresented parties are considered pro se parties.

The answer is: yes, a parent can seek an order awarding him or her a sole physical custody, sole legal custody, or both. "Primary" is a more instructive term than "sole" as custody is often subject to visitation of the non-primary custodian. However, if child support is your goal, seeking primary physical custody is a good approach.

In most cases of this type, you need an experienced lawyer to help you prevail and and navigate the system. You are not just paying for legal expertise, but, unofficially, for the lawyer's connections. Often it is better for both parents to share custody, since that gives the kids access to two parents. It is important to be civil and to treat one another courteously and reasonably. Raising kids is labor intensive and is easier if you can cooperate.