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Yes but you can't make him eat.

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Cyldesdale Restaurant is the worlds oen-and-only what?

Horse drawn restaurant!

In Sydney you'll find the Clydesdale Restaurant the worlds one and only what?

It is the worlds only horse drawn restaurant.

What is the clydesdale restaruant in Sydney Australia?

Horse-drawn Restaurant

What did the chef say when a horse walks into the restaurant?

Why the long face?

What did the chef say when the horse walked into the restaurant?

Are you here for the Belmont steaks

Where can you take your girlfriend for her birthday?

take her to the landing a very nice retaraunt. To the movie theater. Or just cook her a nice diner.or a bar To a nice RESTAURANT To a nice RESTAURANT To a nice RESTAURANT A romanitic restaurant or a romantic picnic on the beach.

Where can you take your girlfriend on valentines?


Where can I purchase restaurant furniture?

If you are needing to furnish a commercial restaurant, take a look at

How many years of college to be a restaurant owner?

You have to take at least 5 years to own your restaurant.

Is it right to take bread home with you from a basket in a restaurant?

Whether or not you can take bread or anything else home with you from a restaurant, depends on the restaurant. The best thing to do is to ask the waiter or waitress. Usually if the restaurant allows you to take home the other food on the table you can also take home the bread. Some, however, only allow you to take home the specific items you ordered and paid for, and some do not allow you to take anything home.

How long does it take to be a restaurant manager?


How take care of the finances in a restaurant?

no reason

Where does Chinese wedding take place in?

in the restaurant.

What type of restaurant serves people at tables?

A sit-down restaurant is what an establishment that serves customers at tables is often called. This is in contrast to a take-out restaurant.

How do you make your horse older on Howrse?

You can either age the horse or wait every day till the horse gains two months which that takes forever! I would age the horse for the horse to get better but don't forget to take care of the horse when you age the horse. If you don't take care of the horse, the horse won't age.

If you want to over take a horse rider what do you have to do?

If you want to over take a horse rider you overtake on the inside.

How can you get a horse to trust you?

Getting a horse to trust you will take time. hand feeding a horse is the best way the slowly getting closer and closer then gently patting the horse. This could take weeks.

How do you get your profile picture on my horse?

ask someone to take a picture with you and your horse

If you want to over take a horse rider you have to Howrse?

that doesn't make any sense what does "If you want to over take a horse rider you have to howrse?" mean??? do you mean if you want to take over a horse rider you have to ...??

When riding a horse a night what should you take?

A flash light, horse feed, helmet, and horse tack.

On HorseIsle were do you go to groom your horse?

You can take your horse to a groomer, there is one in every town on Horse Isle.

How many weeks does it take a horse farmer to train a horse?

it really all depends on the horse itself

How many days does it take for a horse to get hives?

Depending on the reason the horse gets hives and the sevarity in which the horse reacts, the time in which a horse can get hives can take from acouple min. to acouple hrs (almost never days).

What is the difference between a canteen and a restaurant?

a canteen is where you pay and take the food away, but a restaurant is where you pay and sit down to eat

What do restaurant managers make?

It depends you can take take the rest of the money get from the restaurant after everyone is paid but then that might not be a good idea, plus restaurants is the quickest failing business ever

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