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You could on fantage which is for kids.yOu could too on a website call Bostonfriend.

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To video chat with someone on gmail you have to make sure that they have video chat. To do this you need to look @ their icon. If it's a video camera option they can video chat with you. If you click chat and then underneath of where you type click on video and more and click on the arrow that is facing up and click start video chat.(to get video chat installed sign into gmail and click on settings and click on chat. Scroll down to Voice and Video Chat. Click learn more and it will take you through the process of installing it. It's free).

Double right click on the person you want to chat with and a small chatroom will appear where you and the person you clicked will be. You can also chat with more than one person at once.

no more facetime means you can't video chat on facetime anymore :)

Once you installed it, in the chat area, by your name, you should have a green camera. If your friends have the same sign then start chatting with them. In the chat it will have a tab that says video and more, press on start video chat or start voice chat. You then talk to each other by webcam.

There are multiple ways to use video chat between the iPhone and the Galaxy. Although the Facetime is an apple exclusive there are many other apps you can download and use with both phones. Here is a list of some of the most common. -Skype -Tango -Google Talk -Vtok (which, can be used in conjunction with GTalk) - ooVoo Now, don't take this to be a complete list. There are many more options. With a little (or no work) You and your friends can chat between phones with no problems at all.

No. Sony Ericsson released a mobile phone in 2003 with video chat capabilities and many more followed. There were fixed line videophones as early as 1936.

Google chat offers voice call chat, instant messaging, smileys, adding more people to the chat, go off the record, block a contact and video call features.

Depends on what you are on. If you are on Gmail You must first download voice and video chat which can be done when chatting with a friend. If you are on Skype call someone's Skype number. I don't know be more specific! What website are you talking about?

In order to view your full Facebook chat history, open up a chat box with the person in your friends list that you were chatting with. With Scrapboy, you are able to open up a chat box with a person even if they are offline. Then scroll to the top of the chat and click "More..." in the top left hand corner. This will bring up your full chat history with this person.

WikiAnswers is not a chat site. Other venues might prove more successful.

Instant messaging is only between 1 person. Chat room can have more.

I video chat is a great way to meet people. You can become familiar with the availability of the site at first then slowly become more adjusted. You can meet a various amount of people there and maybe that special someone.

you can video chat, message friends and family, add friends, get notifications and so much more...

Flirt4free is an adult video website which allows users to chat to an online host, usually an attractive woman. Private chat is also available, but this will usually cost more.

Tango dance and tango music originated in the area of the Rio de la Plata which is on the border area between Argentina and Uruguay. Although Argentina is the country most famous for the tango in general, it is more accurate to say that it is the Argentine Tango (tango angentino) they are famous for since there are actually several different variations of the tango besides the Argentine Tango including Uruguayan Tango, Finnish Tango, and International Ballroom Tango.

My father works at the apple store and he told me that they are so you can video chat on it and more it is a brilliant idea!

A person can get paid to play video games by becoming a quality assurance employee for a video game company, so in essence, the person is more of a video game tester.

in conference you can include more than one person

In the U.S., video games are played for more person-hours, by kids, than sports are.

because you don't know who it is so you want to find out more about this person

I finally figure out why Audio or videochatting doesn't work for AIM Express. I compared both the DOWNLOADED AIM && the AIM express. If you download it, it gives you more buttons to press. That's when you fine the button where you can' audio or video chat. So for AIM "Express," you are only allowed to read lifestream, and chat with your friends. (: It's quite simple i believe.

There are a couple msn chat for mac, you could have adium, amsn (it is very similar and supports video chat) you could have messenger on mac That's all I no. Note: I use amsn and adium because with adium you can have more then one msn at a time. eg. google talk and msn.

Change to subject or tell the person you have to go. If you chat with the same people again and they're still making you uncomfortable, I would tell them not to chat my any more and block them from chatting you.

A WebCam Model is a person that performs live video chats online. Think of a webcam modeling as a "Online Entertainer". A webcam models job is to chat on cam and entertain customers online. The more time a customers spends watching your private show the more you will earn.

Try to inspire the celebrity to know you more. Try to be world wide. Make videos on youtube and do something you are interested in.

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