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Can you tattoo over birth marks?

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Sure you can! Just make sure you get a color that will not show that you have a birth-mark where it is at.

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Can you tattoo over birth marks which are dark and slightly raised?

yes you can

Can you get a tattoo over stretch marks?

Yes. you can get a tattoo over stretch marks and guess what it even hides the stretch marks.

Can you get a tattoo on stretch marks?

Yes, you can get a tattoo over stretch marks....But I find that stretch marks are quite often too big to just tattoo over, too much area, so I borrow a trick from the magicians hand book....When the magician says I have nothing up my sleeve and lifts his hand he is preparing the setup with the other hand...which you are not looking at...So if we tattoo over a part of the stretch marks, or even right beside them we are inviting the eyes to look at the artwork, not the marks....Hope this helps...

Do tattos cover stretch marks?

No, over time the ink from the tattoo may run under your stretch marks exposing them even more.

What does a birthmark have to do with you?

Many things.They can be just birth marks creating nothing.Some can enlarge over a period,some may disappear.Very rarely some birth marks can become cancers.

How do you get birth marks?

Birth Marks are the naturally occurring marks that appear on a baby after being born. These marks are genetically passed on by your mother or father.

What is the birth name of Carolyn Marks Blackwood?

Carolyn Marks Blackwood's birth name is Carolyn G. Marks.

Is it safe to wear a birth control patch over your tattoo?

Medication patches should NOT be worn over any tattoo and you should keep at least a couple inches away from any tattooed area.

How do people get birth marks?

It is not known how people get birth marks; they are just part of how your are born.

Do birth marks grow back?

No. You are born with them and they stay with you throughout your life. That is why they are called birth marks.

What is the birth name of Alfred Marks?

Alfred Marks's birth name is Alfred Edward Marks.

What is the birth name of Arthur Marks?

Arthur Marks's birth name is Arthur Ronald Marks.

What is the birth name of Debbie Marks?

Debbie Marks's birth name is Debra F. Marks.

What is the birth name of Elliott Marks?

Elliott Marks's birth name is Elliott Stephen Marks.

What is the birth name of Eugene Marks?

Eugene Marks's birth name is Eugene Robert Marks.

What is the birth name of Garnett Marks?

Garnett Marks's birth name is Garnett Anderson Marks.

What is the birth name of Griffin Marks?

Griffin Marks's birth name is Griffin Daniel Marks.

What is the birth name of Jimmy Marks?

Jimmy Marks's birth name is James Stanko Marks.

What is the birth name of Louis Marks?

Louis Marks's birth name is Louis Frank Marks.

What is the birth name of Torey Marks?

Torey Marks's birth name is Victoria Hope Marks.

Can you tattoo over a tattoo that is not old?

You have to wait for the tattoo to fully heal before you can get it tattooed over the top again.

Can you get rid of graphite marks on skin?

Graphite marks on the outside of the skin can be removed like a tattoo by a laser. Graphite marks inside the skin can be surgically removed.

Will a tattoo artist do a tattoo over spider veins?

yes they will go over it

Do Kangaroos have birth marks?

no they do not

Can you get a tattoo in the UK when you go over there for a holiday by your cousin if you are 14?

You have to be eighteen or over to get a tattoo.