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No, it is too young.

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โˆ™ 2011-01-29 17:05:24
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Q: Can you teach a baby pet turtle tricks?
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What is a better pet a bird or a turtle?

in my opinion a turtle is a better pet they don't make as much noise and get as lost as birds

Can you teach a rat tricks?

Yes, it is possible to teach a pet rat tricks.

How do you teach your pet tricks on toontown?

First, you have to keep doing jump to your pet then when expert u have to go to the catalog and get the other tricks.

What wow pet is best?

The best pet is a bird its quite you can teach it tricks and teach it how to sing they will always watch you on the computer and they will watch tv

Where would you buy a baby turtle in Birmingham?

You would buy a baby turtle at a pet store.

How do you teach tricks to your petz in petz 5 tricks on the computer?

You take out your pet and some treats, then wiggle the treats around your pet. It takes patience and time! :)

How do you teach your pets tricks on smallworlds?

Yes, you do. You can even teach your pet dance moves if you become a VIP.

How do you teach your pet new tricks at ameba pico?

Actually they learn by themselves, you can teach ricks like stand,sit,dig and etc. Sorry if this wasn't so helpful. But there's lots of wonders! Explore and see what tricks you can do with your pet.

Why is all right to teach animals to do tricks?

It maintains itelligence, and can make it learn what it can or can't do. It can also teach them of dangers. Uneccisary tricks can help it to keep it bordom levels down and maintains intelligence level. But if your pet does not wanna do uneccisary tricks then don't make them.

Where do you get tricks to teach your pet on toontown?

from the catalogue!

Is it illegal to own a baby turtle in the state of Idaho?

Some turtle species are protected, but a common turtle bought at a pet store is not illegal.

What do you feed a baby red eared slider turtle?

Turtle food from the pet store, garden slugs or bugs.

How do you teach your gerbil tricks?

It really depends on what trick you want it to do. As i dont have pet gerbils, i reallycant help. Sorry!!

How do mice learn?

usualy if you have a pet mouse and treat it well you can teach it to do simple tricks using food as a motivation.

How do you unlock all bin pet tricks on binweevils?

leave it at home or teach it one trick every day

How can you teach a pet tricks in bratz forever diamondz Nintendo DS?

on ds to teach your pet tricks your going to go to the pet house on the bottom left part of the room with the bone hovering over it. you will then hit a and your character will go into the dog house. At the right hand side at the bottom of the options you will see the word train. click on it and a trace line will pop up. Trace the pattern and speak the command on the top screen into the mic. You might need to do this more than once to correctly teach the pet. Best of luck!

What can you do with a bunny?

Well, you can't teach them tricks but believe it or not, it's real fun to watch them just be cute! And of course, pet him.

Does petco sell baby turtles?

no pet co does not sell baby turtles sorry i just went there for a baby turtle and they said that they do not have them and that they used to but now it is not legal to sell baby turtles in the USA anymore.

How do you teach a fish tricks?

you don't ahahaha You pet it everyday until one day you make it come to orelse you won't feed it.

On Sims 2 Pets for GBA I have selected the ghost and unghost scrolls from my inventory but cannot find them when I go to teach them to my pet so how do you teach them these tricks?

First, you do "Yoga," then you can do "Ghost" and "Unghost."

What do baby land turtles eat?

go to a pet store get turtle baby food and fruit mix and at the pet store it has little shrimps give him/her 2 shrimps 1fruit mix 1 baby food

How do you care for your pet baby snapping turtle?

Here is a website.

What can you teach a pet snail?

Nothing. Snails cannot think clearly enough to do tricks, although they can be made to do certain things by altering their surroundings.

How much can a pet turtle be?

A pet turtle can be about a 50 years old.

Do you need a permit to keep a exotic pet?

An Really cool exotic pet that you do not need a permit for is a pet rock. Pet rocks love to be loved and ride in the car . They eat nothing and love walks you can teach your pet to do tricks. Sometimes they bite and stay calm be very stern and say no!