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Yes, a teen girl can get pregnant by one drop of sperm. That is if she has already had her period before.

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Q: Can you teen girl get pregnant by one drop of sperm?
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What is teen pregnancy?

When a teen, a girl from 13-19yo, is pregnant.

Can a 14 teen year old girl get pregnant?


Can a woman get pregnant from sperm that doesn't go inside the vagina but just goes on her thigh or leg?

If you have sex without protection you can get a girl Pregnant!!! It is possible for Sperm to come out at anytime during sex. If you don't want any chance to get a girl pregnant use something. Birth control pill and a Condom. The pullout method does not work for STDs or pregnancy!!! I am a former nurse and have a son from the use of "pullout method" as a teen. No. No, if it is only on your leg you cannot get pregnant

What to do when parents of unwed pregnant daughter deny the teen father?

Now there are many ways to prove the child is the teen father a sperm test or a D.N.A test will do it to convince them.

Are there legal consequences for a pregnant teen for the father?

it really depend on the age. If the pregnant teen is under 18 then the father can be put in jail for stat rape if the parents of the girl choose to.

What is the Definition to teen pregnancy?

this is when a girl between the ages 13 and 20 becomes pregnant.

When is it most likely for a teen girl to get pregnant?

Anytime after a girl begins having a menstrual cycle she can become pregnant. She is just as fertile as any other woman.

Can a pregnant teen drop out of school?

yes a pregnant teen can dropout but people mostly ask why? they dropout because they become pressured about getting talked about and they also dropout because they have to take care of their children or baby

Is Sandra teen model pregnant?

Model Sandra from Fame Girl's was pregnant she now has a son. Since then she has not been in the media much.

Does menstruation occurs when a teen girl is pregnant?

If a woman menstruates, whether she is a teen or an adult, then she can't possibly be pregnant. Menstruation only occurs if the egg released during ovulation hasn't been fertilised.

Is it true that 14 year old girls can be pregnant?

Yes, any early teenage or pre-teen girl can get pregnant if she is menstruating and sexually active.

How old is the youngest teen to get pregnant?

11 (techally not a teen, but a pre teen)

Is it hard for a teen to get pregnant?


How can a teen can get pregnant?

a teen can get pregnant just like an adult does. by having sex.... but you wil have to drop out of school start a whole new life and face the facts of life. no more partying with your friends on the weekened and babies are expenseve so PLEASE wear a condom until your married or until you get out of highschool and your not a teen anymore

How do you get your teen sim pregnant on sims 2 double deluxe?

how to get your sims 2 deluxe teen pregnant

Is it more likely for a teen to get pregnant?

No a teen has just as much of a chance of becoming pregnant as an older woman.

Is teen sperm fertile?

Teen sperm is very fertile. Age only has any significance on fertility of sperm with regard to some much older men, like your grandad for instance!

What should a teen couple do when pregnant?

I feel that if a teen couple gets pregnant they should do whats best for the child.

Can teen girls get pregnanT?

Teen girls can get pregnant, don't you watch MTV? Teen mom, with those 16 year old mothers? theres even been mothers as young as 10, so yes teen girls can get pregnant.

In California can a teen go to jail for getting teen pregnant?


How can a pregnant teen get money?


What is a good title for a teen magazine?

Teen Mag or Teen Girl

If it was a teen pregnancy should it be allowed?

It is absolutely insane that teen girls are getting pregnant, without a proper job or a income to support the child. The boy will always ditch the girl in the end.

Statistics about teen pregnancies?

750000 teen girls get pregnant every year in usa only 1/3 teen girls get pregnant before they turn 20

How are teen moms and 16 and pregnant alike?

16 and pregnant is the show before teen mom. Once they have the baby, they turn into teen moms. They are both part of MTV.