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No you can not. Some are born without and others can have broken real easily and others have been stretched but not broken. The hymen is not a sign of virginity.

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Q: Can you tell if a female is a virgin or not by whether or not she has an intact hymen?
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How can a doctor tell whether a girl is virgin or not?

Only if she still has her hymen intact, otherwise not. The hymen can break real easily by doing sports and such so if it's not there it is not considered a sign that she is not a virgin.

Are you still technically a virgin if the hymen doesn't break all the way?

No. The state of the hymen is not a consideration for whether one is a virgin or not.

What does ''popping'' mean?

It means to break the hymen of a virgin female.

What does popping cherries mean?

It means to break the hymen of a virgin female.

What does what's popping mean?

It means to break the hymen of a virgin female.

What is female hymen?

A female hymen is a partial covering of the inside of a vagina, showing that the woman is a virgin, it can, however, not be present, because not all women are born with this.

What kind of medical test will prove that a women is virgin?

You can't. If a doctor complies with a test to check if your hymen is intact, you can press charges. A tampon can break your hymen, a vibrator can break your hymen. A hard fall on the ground can break your hymen.

How can you check if someone is a virgin?

You can't. Technically, the hymen should be intact, but a lot of things (not just sex) can break the hymen, so that's not the best test. Unfortunately, if you have your heart set on marrying a virgin, you really have no guarantee that she is.

How can you know if im virgin or not at home without going to a doctor?

It depends on how you define 'virgin'. To you does it mean 'not having had full-scale sexual intercourse' or does it mean 'is your hymen intact'? You know if you have had sex, but your hymen can be broken by vigorous excercise as well as by penetration of the vagina. If an intact hymen is important to your boyfriend or to yoiur marriage prospects, then probably only a medical examination can tell you.

How do you know that a girl is virgin or not?

You can't tell unless you ask her and she's probably not gunna be honest if that's all you care about actually you can tell this if the hymen is intact she is a virgin if not she is not its that simple

Can a doctor tell whether a girl is a virgin or not?

No he can not. The vaginal opening can expand without the hymen breaking.

How do you check that your hymen is intact or broken?

Only a gynecologist can check this. If you never had sex before, your hymen stays normally intact.

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