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No, and if you're that worried, use condoms or don't have sex with her.

2006-08-07 18:27:29
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Q: Can you tell if a girl sleeps around a lot by the way she acts in bed?
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How do you tell a woman is a sleeps around?

When she has multiple partners and when she sleeps outside. She also not loyal.

Can you tell by an email closing if a girl likes you?

That would depend on how she acts around you when you are in person.

How do you tell if a girl was joking?

you can tell by how she acts after the joke <3

Does the girl I am talking to like me?

Only she can really answer that or you may be able to tell by the way she talks to you or acts around you.

How can you tell if your boyfriend likes another girl?

If he hangs out with her secretly or he acts weird in front of you when other girls are around

How can you tell if a girl still likes you?

You will know if she acts weird around you and avoids you more than anyone else.

How can you tell if a gay girl really like you?

Depending on how she acts around you, if she acts very flirty-like or very close-like then it could be signs of her liking you, maybe.

How can you tell if a girl has a boyfriend or that he's just a friend but the way she acts around me is that she likes me a lot.?

You should just ask her.

How do you tell if a boy likes you in school?

You can tell when he sits by you or when he acts a certain way around you so you might want to see what he acts like around his friends than when he comes around you see if he acts the same way around you

How do you tell if a guy likes your best friend?

the way he acts around her . and if he acts really funny around her

How do you tell if a girl is interested?

well,you can tell if a girl is interested by paying attention to how she acts around you, and how she acts when you're not there. if a girl likes you then she'll be a bit nervous around with her hair and pay attention to her looks.she'll smile if you look at her and then look away,still having the smile on her face and if you keep looking,she'll peek at you and then laugh! and if she's funny,she'll try to be even more funny when you're there! frankly,you can tell if a girl is interested by simply looking at her!

How do you tell if your boyfriend doesnt like you any more?

If he ignores you, acts normal around but not affectionate, or acts weird around you.

How can you tell a girl really loves you?

If she says crazy things around you or stumbles or acts cool passing by you or brushes her hair with her fingers, stuff like that.

How can you tell when your boyfriend dont like you no more?

When he starts making googly eyes at your friends or younger sister. When he say so. When he sleeps around. When he lets go of your hand when another girl walks in the room.

Is there a way to tell if a girl likes you who's in your high school class?

Technically, yes. First off, establish a baseline for how to acts towards other people such as friends of hers that are guys/girl whatever. After you think you understand how she acts normally around other people, compare that to how she acts around you. Certain signs to look for are looking at you an unusual amount, if she talks to you alot that can be a sign, teasing you, and just use overall common sense.If you want specifics, tell me.

What if the guy acts like he likes you but also acts the same around another girl Does he like me or her and how can you tell?

Boys can sometimes be confusing..............unfortunetly I have been in this same position as you are or were...........try asking him or see what his body language says

Should you ask a girl out if you are not sure if she doesnt like you?

become reallly good friends first ..... then you can tell by the way she acts when shes around you........ coming from a girls P.O.V.

How do you tell if your friend is a lesbian?

You could look for signs as if she gives you [if you're a girl] or another girl flirty looks, acts indifferent around boys, laughs or twirls her hair while talking to girls ect.

What does it mean when a guy says a girl acts like a guy?

Who knows? Ask him to tell you what he means.

How can a guy tell if a girl likes him?

You can tell if a girl likes you by when she stares at you like she's daydreaming. She acts all shy and funny and nervous when she's around you. She's always whispering to her friends about you shyly. And when you have the guts to asking her out, she'll say yes with no doubts. Hope I helped. :)

How do you tell if someone is cheating on you?

first you can tell becausehe acts different around you and with the girl he likes he will be beside her alot and talk alot so if he is cheating do not hesitate breakup do not let him use you like that take my adviseand you will be fine

How can a girl know if a guy likes her?

Guys are very predictable! So you can tell if they are acting rude around you are just talking be hind your back( they talk about you a lot) It can be hard at some points if he acts normal around you maybe he likes you or he just is not ready to tell you. But when a guy is ready to say he likes/loves a girl you will know it is true!

If you really like a boy and you don't think he likes you back how can you tell?

You can tell by his body language and by how he acts around you.

How do you tell that a guy likes a girl?

hes gay!!!!!!! he usually acts different around her, or in some cases, flirt with her in a mean way as in making fun of her, but jokingly. by his eyes and body language

You are attracted to a guy who acts gay around you but has dated girls how do you tell if he is or not.?

Well, just because he acts gay, doesn't mean he is.