Can you tell me a little about leopard geckos?

leopard geckos eat mealworms crickets and mealworm beetles they can also at adult size eat scarab beetles scarab beetle larvae supperworms occasionaly a pinky mouse tomato hornworm silkworms and waxworms because wax worms have a lot of fat.they can grow to about at the most of 7 in sometimes biggeran adult should be housed in a ten gallon tank or three babies in a ten gallon tank. you can house females with one male or just house females together do not house males together because they will fight. they should always have fresh water and their safest bedding would be reptile carpet {what i have mine on}because all the other beddiings they can ingest and will impact them and impaction can be fatal. they should have three hiding placs a warm one a moist one and a cool one. the temperature in their tank should be 80f-90f. also don't pick them up by the tail as they will lose it if they r stressed out. they will regrow it however it will look different than a normal one.the only other type of geckos u can keep with leopard geckos are fat tailed geckos and panther geckos and again separate the males.

feed adult geckos three large crickets a day and babies three small crickets a day also to help your geckos tail size and their health you can put cricket dust on the crickets which is calcium and do that twice a week.