Can you tell me a little about leopard geckos?


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leopard geckos eat mealworms crickets and mealworm beetles they can also at adult size eat scarab beetles scarab beetle larvae supperworms occasionaly a pinky mouse tomato hornworm silkworms and waxworms because wax worms have a lot of fat.they can grow to about at the most of 7 in sometimes biggeran adult should be housed in a ten gallon tank or three babies in a ten gallon tank. you can house females with one male or just house females together do not house males together because they will fight. they should always have fresh water and their safest bedding would be reptile carpet {what i have mine on}because all the other beddiings they can ingest and will impact them and impaction can be fatal. they should have three hiding placs a warm one a moist one and a cool one. the temperature in their tank should be 80f-90f. also don't pick them up by the tail as they will lose it if they r stressed out. they will regrow it however it will look different than a normal one.the only other type of geckos u can keep with leopard geckos are fat tailed geckos and panther geckos and again separate the males.

feed adult geckos three large crickets a day and babies three small crickets a day also to help your geckos tail size and their health you can put cricket dust on the crickets which is calcium and do that twice a week.



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NO - Leopard geckos are not venomous. The shape of their eyes is no indication.

Both leopard geckos and geckos lay eggs.

leopard geckos are in the reptile the family and in the gecko family. Most geckos can adhere to things and climb with their little toes but leopard geckos can't, instead they have claws. If you hold a leopard gecko, you will feel them while something like day geckos they have very soft paws

Yes leopard geckos are loners.

No, leopard geckos do not carry and toxins or venom.No, not at all. Leopard geckos make great pets.

No, leopard geckos aren't poisonous. I have a leopard gecko and on the first day of having him, he nipped me. It barely hurt, and leopard geckos wouldn't be pets if they were poisonous, so no, leopard geckos are not poisonous.

No they must never Kept alone

No, leopard geckos are solitary reptiles.

There is about 400,500,000 leopard geckos on earth

fat tail leopard geckos tail are much larger than normal leopard gecko tails.The markings are different leopard geckos have a different personality

yes leopard geckos can breed with any other geckos trust me i tried!!

African Fat Tailed Geckos. They are basically the same care but look a little different. Look them up and see.

Leopard geckos should not eat chicken.

Leopard geckos are one of the few geckos that don't 'stick' they have little claws instead this is because in the wild they dont climb walls only rocks.

Domestic or wild? Leopard geckos are native to Pakistan.

Leopard geckos are crepuscular

No, leopard geckos don't eat fruit or vegetables.

Leopard Geckos are a lizard that are usually found in Asian Deserts and Pakistan.

Adult leopard geckos will eat 3-4times a week. In comparisson to most mammals, reptiles eat very little due to their slow metabolism.

This is some reasons a leopard geckos and Madagascar day geckos can't live together: #1: Madagascars have a different environment than leopard geckos. Madagascar day geckos live in tropical conditions and leopard geckos live in desert conditions. #2 they would be fighting because they are territorial.

Unlike the tropical environment that most geckos live in, leopard geckos live in dry deserts.

leopard geckos are carnivores because they eat insects etc... :-)

No, a geckos leopard geckos diet consists of live feeders such as insects, arachnids, arthropods and smaller reptiles.

Hi! Yes leopard Geckos can smell. If you look on its face where a nose is supposed to be there are 2 little nostrils..

No, leopard geckos do not eat banana, whoever wrote that answer must learn more. Leopard geckos should and can not eat banana, it's really bad for them.

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