Can you tell me everything on how to become a pro soccer player?

Well, first off you definitely need to be in shape. This is obvious. Just run. Run every day if you can. Its difficult at first but it just takes self-dicipline. Next, be sure to work on your footskills. You can NOT be looking at the ball all the time, can't be concentrating on keeping control because you have other things to worry aabout; So, make dribbling a natural thing. Third, don't look to impress or to make the game saving goal or dribble through and over 6 guys at a time like my man Zidane or Ronaldinho. Beat a man and get the job done. Shoot or get rid of it. Otherwise, just sharpen your skills up and keep practicing. I know everyone says it, but its the truth... don't give up. Everyone goes through their bad times. One time it was a whole month before i got my touch back from a down point, but you just gotta keep going. Finally, hold your temper and play your game. Don't talk much to the other team and dont let them get to youre head by being physical or by talking. When you mess up you gotta keep your cool and don't get frustrated.(wise words from Eto'o) That's about all I have for one sitting. Go to BIG soccer camps at colleges. Believe me, Scouts were always hanging around when I practiced in college. LATER!