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.006" intake and .010" exhaust

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Q: Can you tell me how mach the valve clearans Nissan Datsun pick up 720 z20 1984 intake and Exhaust?
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Which is the intake side on a 1987 Nissan z24 engine?

the exhaust side is by the exhaust manifold,intake side is next to fuel injectors.

WHAT coil goes to intake and exhaust on Nissan 720 pu?

i have to coils which coil is the intake coil

What are the valve clearances on the Nissan TD27 diesel engine?

from memory its 14thou intake and exhaust

What is the valve clearance of Nissan BD25?

0.012 inch - intake 0.014 inch - exhaust

What is the valve clearance for a Nissan ld20?

valve clearance; Intake= 0.25mm (0.010in) Exhaust=0.30mm (0.012in)

Which is intake and exhaust?

Your exhaust lines up with exhaust pipes ,your intake lines up with your intake runners.

How do you find the intake and exhaust lifters on a engine?

The exhaust lifters will line up with the exhaust manifolds,Remove the valve cover if your working on a V8 and the valve that lines up with the exhaust port will be the exhaust valve,If it is a Chevy V8 they will be from standing in front of the car exhaust,intake,intake,exhaust,exhaust,intake,intake,exhaust.

What describes the position of intake and exhaust valves during the most powerful stage in a four-cycle gas engine?

-intake: exhaust closed, intake open -compression: exhaust closed, intake closed -combustion: exhaust closed, intake closed -exhaust: exhaust open, intake closed

Which valve is exhaust and which valve is intake on 94 GM 350ci?

look at the head with the valve cover off find where the exhaust manifold goes in tha is the exhaust valve or looking at the valves the first one is exhaust then intake then intake ,exhaust,exhaust,intake,intake,exhaust if you have the head off i think the intake valves are bigger than the exhaust

Why 8 sparkplugs in a 1988 Nissan truck z24moter?

2 per cylinder,4 intake and 4 exhaust ,they are different.

Which valves are the intake and exhaust on a 20r engine?

the intake are next to the carb and the exhaust are next to the exhaust manafold intake are .008 exhaust are .012 with the engine warm good luck

What is the purpose of the 2nd coil-4 Exhaust side spark plugs on a 1983 Nissan-Datsun 720 pickup with a 4 cylinder 8 spark plug engine?

you have 16 valves in stead of 8. 2 intake and 2 exhaust. they fire at different times to increase power. it's like haveing a V8 with less space. wow, way wrong. The plugs on the exhaust side is for emissions. this way it fires on the exhaust stroke to help burn unspent fuel and gases before it goes out your exhaust pipe.

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