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The film model is the simplest approach to the prediction of mass transfer coefficients. It is not as elegant as boundary layer theory, penetration theory or a variety of other theories used. With film theory you can transform a complex convective transfer problem into a simper soluble problem. The goal is to retain enough of the essential physics to ensure that the simple model will predict some of the observations of the complex system.

The major assumption is that all of the resistance to mass transfer occurs in an immaginary film of unknown thickness.

By making these assumptions the problem becomes easily solved because the parameter values can all be measured or looked up in a table.

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The rate of transfer of a process is equal to the driving force divided by the resistance.The mass transfer coefficient is the resistance to mass transfer. In mass transfer the driving force is the concentration gradient. The mass transfer coefficient is considered anything that contributes to resistance to mass transfer: thermal and eddy diffusivity, distance, etc.Fick's law of diffusion describes convective mass transfer as:N=-c*D*(ca2-ca1)/(z2-z1)where:-c is some constant multiplier (unitless)-The quantity (z2-z1) is the distance between two points. (length i.e. meters)-D is the mass diffusivity or the diffusion coefficient and is dependent on properties of the substance (such as particle size etc.) and temperature. (units: length2/time i.e. m2/s)-The quantity (ca2-ca1) is the concentration gradient between the same two points (the driving force) (units: amount/length3 i.e. mol/m3)-N is the rate of mass transfer (units: mass/(length2*time) i.e. mol/m2*s) )Putting Fick's law in terms of the mass transfer coefficient kc', yields:N=-kc'*(ca2-ca1)where kc'= -c*D/(z2-z1).You can see that the mass transfer coefficient is in fact a function of the diffusivity.

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