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Can you tell us about taosters insted of other things?

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How do you cast a spell on someone you admire a lot?

tell em how u feel insted

What is narrative photography?

It is photography that is attempting to tell a story using photography insted of words.

What is the species of halophiles?

to tell you the truth i dont really know but if someone can find it then you can post it insted of me . Max ride

How can you tell if your boyfriend fancies you?

He's not embarressed to show you in front of his mates. He calls you bueatiful insted of fit. He stays awake just to watch you sleep. He doesn't push you to do things you don't want to do... That's true love.

Making apple cider vinegar with apple juice insted of apple cider?

call me on 000 and I'll tell u

What does the hieroglyphs do?

they are simply writings, that tell a story such as Osiris and other such things.

How do you know if a guy likes you after you tell him you like him?

If a guy likes you he'll smile when you tell him, and he might be looking at other things, like look at things really fast

What are 5 things you wouldn't tell your children?

That they were an accident. Their birthday or other presents.

I went out with a guy I thought as friends but then he kissed me?

So? if you like him, would that not make you happy? if you dont like him tell him how you feel insted of leading him on.

What do you mean by properties of a matierial?

The properties of a material are its characteristics, the things you would tell about if you were describing the material to someone else, the things that make it different from other materials, and the things about it that tell you what material it is when you see, feel, or smell it.

How do I tell my mom I have a date with a guy 12 years older than me?

You just tell her. Also tell her a bit of the other things about him, like why you like each other. Don't emphasise the age gap.

How do you explain gravity to a second grader?

Tell them it is a pull that the earth and other things in space have that make things fall towards them.

Is it true that ants use communication to tell each other where to find food?

Ants use chemical signals to tell each other about food and a number of other things like enemies.

How do you know when he really cares?

You can tell if he doesn't even pay attention to the other girls. You will be able to tell if he avoids the things that you don't like. You can tell when he gets things in your favorite color. And you can tell when he makes a joke and then sneaks a look at you to see if you're laughing.

Should I tell my friend that I know about her party that I wasn't invited to?

Yes she is your friend and true friends tell each other things :)

How do you know weather the person loves you?

insted of waiting go ask or tell them up stright and if they dont rember their is always some for you . you just have to wait

What is some sweet things that you can tell your boyfriend?

Sweet things to tell your boyfriend:Tell him you love him first.You are obviously attracted to him so tell him how handsome he is.Let him know you feel safe when he's around you.Talk about the nice things he does for you and how much you appreciate it. More often than not both sexes have a habit of taking each other for granted and it's a great feeling when one or the other communicates the fact that they appreciate what their mate does for them.Tell him hes your everythingTell him you never want to lose him

How to tell a woman had a baby?

You can't. If her body has changed it can be due to over weight or other things.

How do you use detail in a sentence?

you tell what shurt they are wering or pants what color of hair and other things

How can we fight against racism?

We should tell everyone NOT to do harmful things or insulting other people.

You hurt your sister who you were very close with by what another sister said how can you make things right?

just tell your other sister to shut up. If you are a good sister, dont tell her things that are mean that other people say about her. Its just like insulting her yourself.

What to say when someone ask you why you love them?

You simply Tell him/her that things you enjoy;like about that person that. You tell them your feelings for that person. In other words thongs you LOVE about them.

Tell you about the Jonas brothers?

they areso cute.also they like gils who rare funny and other good things.

How do you know that other person also loves you?

they tell you truth things ,blame you.advise you......obay you. aram.sulemany

Can you tell by looking if marijuana is mixed with other drugs?

No you can't. Not unless you see unnormal things in your weed