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I have a Jeep compass and my guess will be that you can tow it by the front side and out of the 4x4 or slipery and make sure the hand brake is off... The jeep is a great car but make sure not to brake it because there isn't much information out... Try the free database at your local library... Let me know, Eduardo

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โˆ™ 2007-12-21 19:28:01
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Q: Can you tow a jeep compass two wheels down?
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Can you tow a 4X4 Jeep Compass 4 wheels down?


Can you tow a 2007 Jeep compass 5 speed manual transmission 4 wheels on ground?

Hi, Thank you Rdrsh for your answer, any REASON why you cannot flat tow a MANUAL Jeep Compass 2007 ??

Can you tow a Jeep compass?

On a trailer, yes. Four wheel down, no.

Can you tow a Jeep Compass with tow bar?


Can you tow a 2007 jeep compass?

You can not flat tow a Compass with all four wheel on the ground.You can not flat tow a Compass with all four wheel on the ground.

Can you tow a 1999 Jeep Cherokee 4x4 4 wheels down?

could you please just answer my question can I tow a jeepsport Cherokee 4x4 wheels down Trans in park, transfer case in neutral then yes.

What jeep can you tow with all wheels down?

Any Jeep with a NEUTRAL position on the Transfer Case shifter. There a numerous Jeep owner/user Forum, all you have to do is search.

Can 2013 Dodge van be tow 4 wheels down?


Can you tow your 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee on a car dolly without hurting it?

No. To pull with two wheels up and two down you will need to remove the rear drive shaft.

Can you tow a 2003 Chrysler Town and Country all wheels down?


How do you tow 2005 jeep liberty behind RV?

the best way that i know is to buy the small trailer unit that supports the front wheels of the jeep, but a trailer shop can modify the vehicle to accept a tow bar, i think some changes will have to be made so that the front wheels will turn with the rv.

Can you tow a 1996 4wd jeep with a tow dolly?

You will need to remove the drive shaft to tow a Jeep with a tow dolly.

What is the proper procedure for towing a 2006 4x4 Jeep Liberty behind a motor home with all four wheels on the ground?

It is not recommended to tow all four wheels down. Chrysler wants you to use a vehicle dolley and tow with either front of the vehicle up or rear of vehicle up in the dolley. Just reading from the service manual. I cant even find a procedure do it if you do tow with four wheels on ground. Hope this helps.

Can you tow a 1992 Chrysler LeBaron with 4 wheels down behind a motorhome?


What tow vehicles are best with 4 wheels down?

all wheel drive

How do you tow jeep 2000 4x4 in a tow dolly?

If towing with 2 wheel down, you will need to remove the rear driveshaft.

Can you tow 1996 aspire 4 wheels down with manual trans?

No , not according to the Owner Guide . The front wheels have to be on a wheel lift tow truck , a flat bed truck , or if using a tow truck to lift the body from the rear , the front wheels have to be on dollys to prevent damage to the transaxle

You want to tow 4 wheel drive automatic 2002 Jeep Liberty Sport behind your motorhome What gear do you tow in?

Park in the transmission and neutral setting on your 4wd shift lever. If the transfer case does not have a neutral position, it can't be towed four wheels down.

What is the proper way to tow a 97 Honda CR-V?

More info please. Tow it with a tow truck, or behind a motorhome with all wheels down?

How do you tow a Ford Ranger XLT on a tow dolly?

put the front wheels on the dolly, lock steering wheel, strap the wheels down and put in neutral and release park brake

How do you put a 2wd JEEP liberty in towable mode?

You have to remove the driveshaft to flat tow a 2wd Jeep.You have to remove the driveshaft to flat tow a 2wd Jeep.

Can you tow a Chrysler 200 hardtop convertible behind a motor home?

If on a trailer or tow dolly, yes. It can not be towed all four wheels down.

Can you tow a 2001 ranger with automatic tran 4 wheels down?

No, you have to go back wheels up. Remember to lock the steering wheel staright!

Can you tow a suzzki and what years?

With modern tow trucks you can tow anything. -If it's a 4 WD and you don't want wheels to roll, they put a dolley under the back wheels.

How many wheels on a tow truck?

Typically 4 wheels.