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Yes, you can definitely track views on your own YouTube channel. Under each video, the amount of views is always published. However, you cannot track the location of the viewers.

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How do you track who views your profile?

If your talking about Myspace or Facebook, there is no way that you can track who views your profile. Sorry.

What is a channel view on YouTube?

It is someone views your channel your channel then you will get a channel view, your own views will count too.

How do you create a channel view on your own channel on youtube?

What exactly do you mean by channel views? You receive channel views when other you-tubers visit your channel, you can not generate this by yourself.

What channel on YouTube has the most views?

justin bieber :)

What does channel views on youtube mean?

It means how much times your channel was viewed

What channel has the most views on YouTube?

With more than one billion views, Lady Gaga broke the record for views from a single channel in April 2010.

Can i see who is visiting my YouTube channel?

sadly no but you can see the views

What is the song that got the most views on youtube?

the song that has the most views on youtube is gangnam style

How can you track profile visitors of your Facebook account?

According to, there is currently no way for people to track who views their profile. Any site that claims to offer that is probably a scam.

Can you track Instagram views?

You cannot trace Instagram views as there is no way to get the option who visited your instagram profile or instagrm photos.

Can you know if anyone visit your page on facebook?

There is no way to track who views your profile or photos

Which YouTube channel is the most popular?

universal music group with 6,911,131,601 views

What do you think of gbg112 on youtube?

i think its a decent channel has good but stronge views.

How do you get a banner on your channel on YouTube?

To get a banner on your channel you must first be a youtube partner. To do this go to, and click on get started. After that, you will need to have at least 100,000 total video views to get a banner on your channel.

How many views do you have to have on your youtube video to get paid?

If you want to know how to grow fast your youtube channel, if you want to learn how to get viral your youtube videos, how can you get many views, how can you build your Youtube chanell in such a way to get some real money, then you can check out the method that i tried ! Give me a message!

Who has the most popular channel on YouTube?

The most popular channel on youtube is definitely Ray William Johnson. With almost 5 million subscribers and 4 million channel views, he is very well known in the youtube community for his hilarious videos.

Why would you have channel views on YouTube if your channel is set to private seconds after you've made it and they just keep going up?

Because YOU are viewing your channel!

How do you know who views your profile on facebook?

You don't and will never know. Facebook doesn't track where people go and what they do. So there is no record of people viewing you profile.

How do you get an image above your name on YouTube?

you have to have atleast 1,000 views on one of your videos to become a youtube partner to make a banner for your channel

What is the most viewed youtube channel?

Smosh have over 2 billion views on one of their videos

How do you view your profile views on MySpace?

When you log in you see a your picture then you look down then it says profile views then it says how many profile views you have :)

How do you get a proffile picture on YouTube?

To get a Youtube profile picture you need to go to the home page, then click on your username on the top. Now click setings. You will see something like this. Videos Uploaded: 24 Video Views: 1,354 Favorites: 25 Channel Type: Channel Views: 435 Subscribers: 6 Next to this you will see your picture. Click change. After that you can upload a picture or chose a picture from one of your videos. Hope this helps, Dave

Do YouTube pay smosh?

Yes, Smosh receives payments from YouTube depending on its performance in terms of video views. The more views received, the more they will be paid.

How can you look at how many profile views you have on MySpace mine doesnt show my profile views to me?

go to edit profile on your in your bebo profile. click on privacy setting. go on profile views and tick it. the click save at the borrom.

Can you see how many views of Instagram?

Like most social media and content sharing sites, Instagram doesn't keep track of who visits your Instagram profile or views your photos.

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