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Trade, no. However, there is a way to get Pokemon from HeartGold to Black, but not the oposite way around.

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Probably, its just like trading a Japanese Pokemon to a English version, idk if the Pokemon name will be translated to English but you can trade i guess

You cannot download Pokemon from the internet onto your HeartGold version. You have to get them within the game. However, you can get Pokemon from your in-game PC in the Pokemon Center.

Silaqueen is not an existing Pokemon. It is not found in HeartGold or any other version. It will be found no where.

The Pokemon games which contained the Johto region were Pokemon Gold Version, Pokemon Silver Version, Pokemon Crystal Version, Pokemon HeartGold Version, and Pokemon SoulSilver Version.

Ledyba is not catchable in Pokémon HeartGold Version.

The only way is to throw away your Heartgold version, buy the original Red version, and play a real Pokemon game.

You can only go to Johto and Kanto in Pokemon Heartgold and Soulsilver

It comes out in America in Spring 2010. It is already out in Japan. You can either get it in Japanese now, or wait for the English version.

Hoenn is not in heartgold version, only johto and kanto are in heartgold, hoenn is in emerald

There is not an English version of Pokemon Naranja although some parts of Pokemon Naranja are in English.

Ursaring and it's pre-evolution are exclusive to Pokemon SoulSilver and cannot be obtained in the HeartGold version.

Whismur isn't in that version.

You can only find Skarmory in the Pokemon SoulSilver version.

Yes just yyp in ar codes for Pokemon heartgold/soulsilver US version and it will come up. (type it on Google)

Yes, There Is The Games Names Are Pokemon HeartGold Version And Pokemon SoulSilver Version. They Are Remake's Of Pokemon Gold And Silver. They Are Going To Be For The Nintendo DS.

Growlithe is only found in Heartgold Version.

yes the japenese version is compatible with the English version.

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